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We love things for the home that make life a little bit easier, a little more fun, or add a touch of personality.

Homely Futures sell a range of gadgets, appliances, and technologies for every room in the home including the garden!

Here are our favourites:

The Intelligent Smart Bin being sold by Home Futures is a brilliant addition to any kitchen.

The Smart Bin opens when you're detected nearby so if you've got your hands full you don't need to worry about how you're going to lift the lid.

As we all know, bins aren't the most hygienic so by going hands-free you're reducing the amount of times the outside of the bin is touched.

We also really like the Electric Masher for its compact size and potential applications.

Pre-prepped garlic in a jar is available, we know that, but often the taste of the white wine vinegar being used to preserve it lingers.

Nothing beats fresh garlic and this gadget makes the whole process of going from bulb to pulp much quicker and a lot less messy.

It's not just for garlic, it can be used for ginger, chillis, and herbs too!

Both of the items above are available from Homely Futures and you can grab a 20% discount by using coupon code IDEAL-LIFESTYLE at the checkout.

We were also impressed by this set of resin figurines titled Nordic Abstract Thinkers.

Their neutral stone effect makes them versatile in many places around your home including the living room, dining space, or bedroom.

The 20% off at Homely Futures isn't just on the products we've featured here, you can grab the discount across all of the collections including Bathroom, Garden, Bedroom, Home Decor, and Lighting.

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