The Honest Grapes Taste Lab Kit

We recently started working with a new partner called Honest Grapes and we liked their new spin on enjoying, tasting and learning about wine. Drinking wine can be confusing especially if you are unsure what to taste for.

We can all easily do the action of swilling our glasses in short tight circles and then sticking our noses into the glass, but what are we sniffing for and most importantly what are all the flavours other than red wine flavour?

How does it work?

Honest Grape’s approach is by adding a little science to wine we can all identify and really pick out the wines that we truly like. The reason?

To a) learn but b) help us make better choices with our wines.

So what do you get? Each Kit contains 50ml tasting measures of 10 different wines. The wines are packaged in glass test tubes with screw caps, using an innovative technology that ensures they taste as if you have poured the glass from a newly opened bottle (more science!).

Inside the box

Each Taste Lab Kit contains 10x 50ml wine tubes, which are split into 5x white and 5x red, which is enough to complete the taste Lab test and develop your Personal Wine profile. Want to see how it works in action? Here is a short clip:

The Results

As you taste the different wines, with full instructions included from start to finish, you will be asked to answer a serious of questions based on the wines you’re tasting, all of which you can jot down onto the included questionnaire.

Once finished (by which time you maybe a little giddy), you log onto the site and you are asked to reflect on what you have learnt about your taste preferences during the tasting, and build your Taste Profile.

Within the next few days, you will receive a full analysis and recommendations based on your preferences. For example, if you liked a certain type of wine, the wine expert will recommend certain wines for you to try with reasons behind them. And that’s it!

The verdict?

Get involved taste and build up your very own wine profile. This is geeky and fun and if you love to experiment then this is the perfect little blind test for you.

We loved trying something new and the whole process of going back and forth, tasting, changing minds and then waiting for your results was a lot of fun.

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