3 Trending Wall Colours Right Now

Last year we saw some really great interior design trends and moving forward in 2016, we are already seeing some great trends come in. Here are some of the trending wall colours right now.

There are some great colour scheme ideas that are popping up on the hot tips and wish lists around the world; so we thought it would be a good idea to showcase for you some of the hottest looks for your home that are around right now!


It seems that one of the most popular trends of 2018 continuing; with metallic walls and accessories still making an appearance in 2019.

We really love the combination of gold and black to bring a glamorous contrast of colours that make a fantastic base for you to accessorise on. It especially works with rooms that feature their own metallic touches such as the bathroom; however we have also seen some great examples of bringing metallic glamour to the bedroom too!

Navy blue

It seems that this winter Navy Blue will be popular across many homes. Navy Blue is often seen as a summery colour, but we think it is ideal for a year round redecoration project. Why not take its sailor roots as inspiration and transform your room into a retro, nautical paradise complete with stripes and anchors!

Navy makes for a great base colour upon which you can customise, contrast and compliment other colours to bring together your room. It is warmer than black and not as vibrant as other blue shades; making it ideal for those who want to inject subtle colour to their interior.


Whilst the world outside is turning grey, it seems that interiors are following suit. One thing that we really love about Charcoal is that it works well with a variety of different colours. It warms the room as well as giving it an element of shape and texture where you need it. Not as bold as black and more dramatic than the lighter greys; we are really glad that this particular shade is proving popular this season.

These are just three of the colour schemes that seem to be cropping up on lists currently online and we think they all offer great inspiration for your to give your home a style overhaul. Feeling inspired? Shop with B&Q here and discover their range of trending paints!

If none of these take your fancy then of course, you can decide instead to take fashion into your own hands and transform your home into your own personal catwalk!

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