6 Super Easy Tips For Brightening Up Your Garden

Your garden is lovely, we’re sure. However, do you think perhaps it could do with a little brightening up? Has the fence started going a sad shade of brown/grey? Has the shed started to look like something from an old ghost story?

Are you tired of seeing other people’s gardens simply bursting with colour, while yours is less of a burst and more of a drip?

Don’t fret, gardens can easily become a little dull and boring, and luckily they can just as easily become bright and colourful again as well, yay!

Here are 6 easy tips for brightening up your garden:

Invest In Some Edible Flowers

Why not get a triple whammy of garden fabulousness with edible flowers? You can eat them, they are beautiful in colour and they are extremely easy to grow! Plant herbs like chives, basil and coriander to enjoy the leaves and the flowers, both of which are edible.

Or try growing courgettes, marrow, peas and rocket for vegetable that gives you produce and gorgeous flowers that or edible. Or simply grow stunning, colourful beauties like poppy’s, marigolds, pansies and daisy for incredible pops of colour that also taste great on your food!

Make Your Own Shed Of The Year

If you don’t yet know what Shed Of The Year Is, you’re going to need to look that up, and then feel seriously embarrassed about yours. Don’t worry, with sheds as beautiful as those featured on the programme, most people would be forgiven for feeling a sense of dreariness eyeing up their own brown eyesore in sheer disgust.

It’s time to stop hating your shed and start giving it some love, it could be exactly what you need to bring some dazzle to your outdoor space.

There’s no need to immediately start transforming it into a miniature pub or eco-lodge just yet, all you really need is some imagination, some bravery and a few pots of paint. Ask yourself – why can’t your shed be bright pink?

Why can’t your shed be all animal print inside? Fair enough your home interior needs to be shared, but your shed is your own little haven, why not let your imagination go wild? Inspired? Clear it out and let loose!

Lighting Matters

Lighting is something that often gets neglected when it comes to the garden, which is a shame because the right lighting will truly transform the space when it comes to the evening.

It’s also a great thing to do because it’s an area you may not otherwise spend time in, which is also a shame as it only takes a few adjustments to make it a wonderful space for alone time, time with your family, or with guests, especially on a warm summers evening.

Consider some floor lighting if you have decking, some large beautiful candle holders, or even just a plethora of fairy lights to give it a magical feel. Solar lights and even tiki torches might be a great idea if you’re looking to line pathways.

Bring Your Garden Furniture Back To Life

If your garden furniture is looking tired and in need of some care and attention – give it some! Don’t just accept peeling paint and mouldy old cushions because you’re outside.

Consider completely replacing the furniture if it’s dangerous or simply beyond repair. Otherwise consider giving it a lick of paint or varnish (depending on the material) and most importantly, getting some new cushions and blankets to add that much needed colour and brightness to your outdoor space.

Consider bright, beautiful cushions that work with the natural colours in your garden and don’t be afraid to mix and match bargains from car boots and charity shops – shabby chic works well outside too!

Paint The Fence

Many people worry about painting the fence, thinking that a bright colour will overwhelm the garden and make the space unbearable. Of course, this may be possible but, you’ll never know if you don’t try, and if it does go wrong, you can just paint over it again, it’s not really a big disaster is it?

Consider nature based colours like pastels, rich browns, or colours that contrast with the garden for the best visual effect. Seaside beach hut colours like duck egg blue and candy pink look particularly gorgeous against the foliage of a garden.

Be Brave, Be Bright

You’ve got a lot to be excited about – you’re going to brighten up your garden! If you’re really bored of how dull it is, put a weekend aside and a bit of cash and get banishing those boring, dull colours.

Be creative, imaginative and most importantly, enjoy yourself!.

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