7 Ways To Create More Space In Your Home

Whether you have a small room that you are decorating or you are moving into a new apartment that has limited space, making the wrong decisions about your décor can leave your home feeling cramped and overwhelming.

Being mindful of how you decorate and arrange your furnishings can help to create the illusion of more depth, leading to a more relaxing and airier atmosphere. Here are our 7 ways to create more space in your home!

1. Avoid Dark Colours

Dark colours on the walls and floors of a room can leave it feeling very claustrophobic, especially if the room is on the smaller side. The darker tones can solidify the walls and floor, making them feel closer and more constricting. By using lighter shades, you can open the room up to create a bright and airy feel. Consider using neutral colours, such as linen white or almost-oyster from Dulux, or alternatively light blues, greys, or greens or for the ultra minimalists amongst you white!

2. Mirrors Mean More

You can use mirrors or other reflective glass surfaces to create the impression of a more open space, and to reflect light around the room. If you have the wall space, the most effective type is a large floor-to-ceiling mirror, although any sized mirror will have a depth-enhancing effect.

If you are searching for the best place to hang a mirror, aim for somewhere that will take advantage of the light in the room, such as opposite a window or behind a lamp.

3. Select the Right Furniture

Try to avoid bulky or cumbersome furniture like skirted sofas or divan beds that will make it seem as if they are taking up more space. Opt for more slight designs that have plenty of space underneath them.

Being able to see the floor beneath furniture creates the impression of more space, and raised furniture also allows plenty of light to filter through. Look for furniture that is thin-legged that will give you a raised option with plenty of space beneath. Made.com have a a great selection of loads of chairs and sofas with thin legs.

4. Continuous Flooring

Don’t compartmentalise the flooring in each of your rooms, especially if you have a smaller apartment. By installing a different kind of flooring in each area, you are missing out on one of the most effective ways to build a spacious feeling in your home.

Go for a flooring that can be used through a number of rooms to create a universal living space, such as a linear floor tile. The long and thin shape of these tiles can produce a lengthening effect, and when applied throughout number of rooms the result can be impressive.

Wood-style tiles in neutral colours, like these almond Tindaya tiles from Tiles Direct, can build the impression of space while fitting in with a lighter décor.

5. Keep Your Windows Uncovered

Natural light is one of the best ways to expand space, so if your room has a large window, consider leaving it uncovered to reap the benefits the extra light will bring. The uncovered window will allow your room to connect with the outside world for a sense of openness and freedom, and will also exploit any mirrored surfaces with increased levels of light.

If you aren’t in love with the idea of an uncovered window, you can use sheer curtains that are a similar shade to your walls to avoid the space-constricting impression of darker and heavier curtains.

6. Save Space with Multi-Function Furniture

Less about creating an expansive illusion, multi-functional furniture can help you to cut excess clutter from your room and actually free up some much-needed space.

There are numerous furniture solutions that can offer a dual-usage, such as sofa beds, expandable tables, and dresser-nightstands.

7. Become a Minimalist

Less You might want to think again if you are moving from a larger property to a smaller one, or you are thinking about displaying items in a smaller room. Your collectibles and photos can actually be some of the worst offenders for making a room appear smaller than it actually is by taking up valuable table and wall space.

Embracing minimalism will mean investing in the saying ‘less is more’ when it comes to your belongings. You don’t have to completely rid yourself of the items in question, but by selecting a few of your favourites to display and safely storing the rest, you can have a larger-feeling room that still has a personal touch.

Take a look at Zenhabits’ guide to creating a minimalist home for more insight into how it can assist in freeing up your home!

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