8 Amazing Christmas Decoration Garden Ideas

Christmas decorations needn’t just be in the home, they can go out all the way to your garden if you want them to! There are plenty of ideas to choose from, helping you create your very own garden winter wonderland – here are 8 amazing Christmas garden decoration ideas to get you started:

1. Christmas Porch

If you’re lucky enough to have a small porch, you’ve got the perfect place to create a warm, Christmas welcome. Rustic lanterns, wellies stuffed with pine cones and red Christmas blooms, as well as a Merry Christmas sign on the door will all contribute to letting visitors know they are in for a very merry festive time at your house.

2. Bird Friendly Wreaths/ Christmas Decorations

If you’re an animal lover, this is a great project to enjoy, plus kids will love it as well! There are plenty of great Youtube tutorials to follow to ensure you’re using the right things to not only encourage the birds, but ensure you’re not accidentally giving them things that aren’t good for them.

Here are 3 of our favourites for you to follow:

Cranberry & popcorn wreath

Bird seed pine cones

Tree decorations for the birds

3. Christmas Lanterns

If you have visitors and want to light up your garden in the most beautiful way, Christmas lanterns look beautiful lining a path or placed along a table.

Make your own out of paper and use flameless electric candles, or treat yourself to decorative glass lanterns. Just make sure any that you use with real flames are attended at all time, especially if there are children and animals around..

4. Poinsettia Hanging Ball

Poinsettia really is the plant of Christmas after fir trees. It’s gorgeous leaves brighten up any room inside the house, however you don’t often see them used for outdoor decorations, even though they are perfectly suited to outdoor use. Rather than have them in pots, why not do something different and make a poinsettia hanging ball?

You can buy them ready made if you’re short on time, otherwise, make an afternoon of creating one – they’re easy and very satisfying to make. Click here for a Pinterest tutorial!

5. Upcycled Displays

Sometimes, it’s not what you use but how you use it that counts. Why not pile up some old vintage apple crates and place a mini Christmas tree on top? Or fill a pretty fruit bowl or ornamental bowl with spare Christmas tree baubles and place on your outdoor dining table?

Glass jars filled with Christmas lights make particularly cool table decorations. And if you have steps with plant pots on, consider replacing the plants you have on their with mini Christmas trees, just for the holiday season. Try to look at what you already have and be creative with it, you’ll be surprised at the look you can create.

6. Chalkboards

Sometimes all it takes is a few words to create a different atmosphere or feeling in a place. Hang up a chalkboard or put out a chalkboard sign if you have one and write a Christmas message on it, placing it in a covered area of the garden.

A simple ‘Merry Christmas’ will do, or even some funny Christmas messages. Hang some holly at the side for extra yuletide fun.

7. Wellies Or Skates With Plants In

Rather than using pots, why not use old wellies or ice skates to fill with Christmas foliage? A couple of lace up ice skates leaning against the wall with fir branches and berry twigs can look very wintery, as can a pair of old red wellies with mistletoe sticking out – just be sure to play around with the display to avoid it looking odd.

8. Evergreens

Although we go to town decorating all kinds of plants at Christmas, some of them are best left alone and can make the most beautiful outdoor decorations left completely natural.

Mini Christmas trees look really cute as they are – no need for glitter or baubles. If you feel like they are a bit drab, just place them in bright red pots for contrast.

We hope these 8 amazing garden Christmas decoration ideas have inspired you! Happy decorating!

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