8 Great Youtube Gardening and Landscaping Channels

8 Great Youtube Gardening and Landscaping Channels to follow your hobby! There was once a time that we could only follow our hobbies in clubs, or through monthly magazines.

Since the internet arrived, we can enjoy learning about our hobby in many different ways. We can chat to others on online forums, we can tweet people, follow their picture feeds and read their blogs.

These are all fantastic resources for keen gardeners, but none are as great as Youtube for providing an incredible, free, resource for advice, support and interaction. What could be easier than a how to video showing us exactly how to grow our own, trim a certain shrub or exactly what certain veg should look like when we harvest it?

With this in mind, here are 8 great Youtube gardening and landscaping channels for you to enjoy:

1. GrowVeg

This is a fabulous channel for those who want easy bitesize ‘how to’s’ which are usually no longer than 6 minutes a time. Organic gardening enthusiasts run this channel and do a really good job of making gardening accessible to all skill levels.

2. Trish And John’s Gardening Channel

These friendly gardening experts use technology to bring their videos to life, offering cool time-lapse videos of their plants sprouting up, giving you handy guidelines on comparing them with your own. A great channel if you want extra details to look at.

3. Huws Nursery

For those who want to grow organic veg on the cheap, this is the ideal channel. There are plenty of different sections to use, from advice to ideas – this channel helps to educate and inspire its viewers.

The recipes for the produce you grow and the small space gardening tips are both particularly current and exciting.

4. The Garden Girl

For wannabe urban gardeners, this is a great resource offering extremely practical, low-cost ideas for those turning a small-space into a green haven.

5. Overgrow The UK

This channel is ideal for the type of gardener who wants on the ball uploading and only the freshest selection of gardening videos on the internet.

This channel explores all areas of gardening, so is an ideal resource for all skill levels, especially beginners.

6. The Produce Garden

What makes this channel great is certainly the content, but the sheer enthusiasm of Christian who runs the channel counts for a lot.

The garden he cultivates is in Australia and the channel shows all kinds of fantastic, innovative gardening methods shown in really fun, entertaining ways. Watch this channel for a pick me up when you’re feeling a little lacklustre about your approach to garden.

7. Claire’s Allotment

This channel is ran by Claire, a woman with a real passion for gardening and a willingness and eagerness to share it all with her viewers. Her attitude is practical and charming, and the videos on offer have a real wisdom about them, and offer a really family orientated homely approach.

8. River Cottage

Obviously, this isn’t your primary channel for gardening, but it should be a go to channel for gorgeous recipe videos to help you make the most of your home-grown veggies.

There are also useful garden related ‘how-to’s’ like ‘How to build your own pizza oven’ and ‘Growing tips – cut and come again harvesting’ but they aren’t the primary focus of the channel.

Nonetheless it’s a great resource for those who put the effort into their garden mainly for the edible produce.

So here were 8 great Youtube gardening and landscaping channels for you to enjoy!

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