Adrenaline Junkie: Snowmobile Adventures

Snowmobiling was developed in the 1960s by way of easing the everyday lives of the inhabitants of countries such as Finland and Norway. Allowing locals to transport themselves across hostile environments, snowmobiling was a logistical necessity.

Over the decades that followed, this mode of transport became an enticing way to enjoy a unique adrenaline filled holiday. Any traveller who is looking for an arctic adventure is sure to consider a snowmobiling holiday as one of the most enthralling and memorable trips they every have.

Snowmobile Safari, Finland

For adrenaline junkies looking for an unusual holiday that guarantees memories to last a lifetime, an exploration of the Finnish wilderness, travelling by snowmobile is sure to be ideal. The hostile weather in the country prohibits travel to some of the most breathtaking areas for several months a year.

However, when the climate allows, visitors can explore Kilpisjärvi, one of Finland’s most awesome and exciting areas, steeped in folklore and tradition.

The snowmobile trails lead travellers to the borders of Sweden and Norway and provides exceptional views of snow covered mountains and frozen lakes. The trip will include a journey to Finland’s highest mountain, Halti and for this reason, snowmobilers must be experienced and not faint of heart.

Accommodation is varied throughout the stay of the safari and is sure to appease the adventurous wanderer. Overnight stays include wilderness lodges, safari houses and fell cabins. Meals are included on the trip and for those who aren’t too exhausted, evening entertainment is a mixture of Finnish tradition and the offerings of fellow travellers.

Snowmobile Holiday, Canada

Canada provides a perfect backdrop for a snowmobile holiday, particularly for those who relish an adventure in an English speaking country, where food is recognisable and a warm welcome is guaranteed. Canada offers a host of options for a snowmobiling holiday and can cater packages to suit all abilities.

Beginners can take a 3 day break to learn the basics in more accommodating areas, whereas veterans can enjoy an extreme tour on the Arctic Chibougamau Expedition.

Many of Canada’s snowmobiling adventures allow guests to incorporate dog sledding and ice fishing. This allows guests to immerse themselves in an arctic adventure that is sure to provide opportunities and memories not available elsewhere.

Canada’s other prime offering is that it offers superb opportunities for snowmobiling holidays for disabled travellers. Wheelchair users need not sideline their adrenaline needs as Canada provides some exceptional opportunities to explore the wilderness with highly skilled and trained guides.

Being in full control of the snowmobile, disabled guests are able to enjoy the thrill and adventures of the Canadian adventure, whilst resting assured that their wellbeing and safety is secure.

Snowmobiling Adventure in Lapland

A trip to Lapland may be on the bucket list for any Christmas loving traveller, but this Swedish destination also acts as a wonderful snowmobiling area. This destination is great for all abilities and there’s a particular focus on family snowmobiling and opportunities for children. This is the ideal place to ensure your children inherit your adrenalin love.

Mountain tours, Arctic Circle exploration and frozen lake adventures make for a varied and exciting holiday, that can last for as little as a day through to over a week. Adrenaline junkies are sure to embrace the opportunity of sleeping in an igloo overnight and marvelling at the wondrous Northern Lights where possible!

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