Adrenaline Junkie: Where To Bobsleigh!

There is no sport quite like bobsledding for encapsulating a thirst for adrenaline, a unique quest for speed and an impassioned embrace of winter risks. Synonymous with Disney’s Cool Runnings and Jamaica, unsurprisingly, bobsleighing is much more readily available in colder climates. So where to bobsleigh, we hear you ask? Below is a collection of some of the world’s best bobsleighing locations.


Well known for skiing and snowboarding slopes, Austria is one of the world’s most loved winter sports destinations. This is no exception when it comes to bobsleighing. The Igls track is 1220m in length and has played host to winter olympic sports twice previously.


Germany is amongst one of the world’s best bobsleighing locations as the country has an offering of multiple tracks. Bobsleighing can be enjoyed in Altenberg, Winterburg, Königsee, and Oberhof. Altenburg’s track is 1413 m in length and proves to be one of the country’s most enjoyable.

Germany is excellent at hosting wintersport locations and the atmosphere in these areas is second to none. Bobsledders are welcomed with cheer and fascination and with evening entertainment that rivals most countries, Germany is a wonderful choice for an active break.

United States

America may be behind the creation of the world’s most famous bobsleighing film, Cool Runnings, but it’s not all Hollywood when it comes to the sport. The States plays host to two bobsleighing tracks, one at Lake Placid and the other at Park City.

Both tracks have been used as Winter Olympic venues previously. The uniqueness of the sport is celebrated in America and those taking part are guaranteed to have a host of onlookers and a warm welcome.


Russia is a prime choice for bobsledders throughout the world due to its naturally cold climate, impressive builds and excellent lengths. The country has two tracks, Paramonov and Sochi, with the latter being a wondrous 1814m in length.

The sport is taken very seriously in Russia and is considered to be ever increasingly popular amongst young athletes.

Japan & South Korea

Bobsleighing is not reserved for Western countries, however. The East are showing an increased interest and commitment to the sport, with Japan leading the way. The country is home to the 1360m track at Nagano, which hosted games from the Winter Olympics of 1998.

Following suit is South Korea, whose team have been referred to as ‘miracles on asphalt’. The reference comes from the asphalt track at Alpensia, with worries that the team are so unfamiliar with ice that their realistic homes of success are unlikely.

Bobsleighing continues to be an entertaining, competitive and expanding sport that is recognised worldwide. With increasing interest, the demand for new tracks is growing and the potential for travel within winter sporting circles expands further.

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