Alternative Wine: Bolney Pinot Cuvee

Our alternative wine this time is an extraordinary vintage fizz from Sussex.

The Bolney Pinot Cuvee is an award-winning red sparkling wine. There is a richness and creaminess from 18 months of lees ageing. The main palate flavours include blueberry and stone fruits. There is a bit of spice in the finish. This is a wonderful sipping sparkling wine that can stand alone, but plays well with food.

Sussex’s wine history goes back millennia to the Roman occupation. The sandy-loam, siltstone, and clay soil (known as Upper Tunbridge Wells Sand) is ideal for growing fantastic fizz grapes. The weather, with mild temperatures and consistent moisture, grows perfect vine fruit. Bolney Wine Estates uses an open planting scheme that allows air and light to bathe the vines.

The estate was created by Janet and Rodney Pratt and was originally part of the Butting Hill One Hundred as listed in the Doomsday Book. The vineyard started as Bookers Vineyard in 1972 with 3 acres of vines. Today, Bolney has 39 acres under cultivation. The master vintner, Samantha Linter, took over in the 1990’s and has led Bolney to the very forefront of English sparkling wines.

The wine is 100% Dornfelder that ages well and gives this fizz a big and soft flavour.

This Alternative Wine is a leading wine with fantastic style that is a gift of grace on any table. This wine however, often does split a opinion with traditional red winos thinking that a red wine shouldn’t be sparkly. We on the other hand say why not? We love a vineyard that pushes boundaries and meddles. So well done Bolney.

In a nutshell

  • Colour: Red Sparkling Wine

  • Grapes: Dornfelder

  • Style: Large, Light Red Sparkling

  • Closure: Natural Cork

  • Flavours: Stone Fruit, Ripe Blueberry, Easy Spice

  • Great with: Bold Cheeses, Canapes, Lamb

  • Country: England

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