Australia: The Barossa Valley

Located in South Australia, the Barossa Valley attracts hoards of tourists each year and is famed for its wine production. With a strong German Lutheran identity, many traditions in this area can seem somewhat European in comparison to the Australian setting.

The Barossa Valley attracts travellers from across the globe as it is a distinctively welcoming area and has a variety of activities, events and things to see. The area is home to several hotels and locals embrace tourists with warmth and sincerity at all times.


The wine-making of this area is an attraction in itself and is the main employer in the area. The success of the Barossa Valley wine industry is celebrated biannually with the Barossa Valley Vintage Festival, which attracts the interests of international tourists as well as locals.

The Barossa Valley is home to some of the oldest wine vines in the world and is predominantly famed for its Shiraz output. Shiraz vines planted in 1847 are still in use today. Barossa Valley is the home of world-recognised wines such as, Jacob’s Creek, Lindeman’s, Penfolds and Wolf Blass.

The Barossa Valley Vintage Festival is a celebration of culture, tradition, wine, food and art and prides itself on staging and promoting the diversity of the region. The festival marks the end of grape crushing and harvesting and allows the 750 grape growing families of the area to embrace the chance to celebrate.

With an abundance of events and activities, worldwide visitors flock to the area to enjoy good food, wine, entertainment and ambience.


The Barossa Valley has an abundance of accommodation options, with over 3,000 beds available in the area. There are lodgings to suit all preferences and budgets, ranging from family-run caravan parks, through to exquisite vineyard guesthouses and large world class hotels.

With award-winning accommodation, the Barossa Valley offers an exceptional setting for the most basic through to luxurious lodgings, ensuring that everyone enjoys their stay, irrespective of budget. Alternatively you can always explore the region in a camper van?


The Barossa Valley prides itself on excellent culinary offerings and superb wines. The restaurants in the area are second to none and cater for a variety of tastes and atmosphere preferences.

The eateries use the freshest ingredients and make every attempt to source all supplies locally.

With stunning fruits, organic vegetables, locally sourced meats and passionate chefs, eating in the Barossa Valley is an attraction in itself. Food in this area is a reflection of the valley’s rich history and fuses English, European and Australian cuisine.

So proud of their culinary offerings, the Barossa Valley residents have compiled websites and books dedicated to recipes and advice in food production.

To make the most of a visit to the Barossa Valley, it is advisable that tourists take advantage of one of the many tours of the area. Run by local companies and families with roots in the valley, these tours help visitors experience the best of the vineyards, restaurants and attractions that encourage tourists to visit time and again.

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