Autumn Styling Ideas

Can the end of summer be nearing already? With the days getting visibly shorter and the apples already starting to ripen, we know that the colder evenings are not so far away. So whilst long balmy evenings spent in colourful gardens may soon be over, how can we prepare our homes for the beautiful autumnal season. Autumn styling is important to get you into the right mood for the snuggly evening ahead.

As the seasons change, the shops bring in their new autumn/winter collections. Gone are the linens, the pastel hues and the hessian espadrilles. The collection is warmer, more snuggly and cosy and this can be reflected in your home. Whilst it may not yet be time for Christmas trees and fairy lights, it is not too early to create a warmer ambience within you home.

Bringing the outside in

We start our autumnal styling guide with a focus on bringing the outside in. There is something so incredibly soothing about relaxing amongst flowers and fauna, so why not extend this feeling into the autumn. Whether you want to recreate the greenery of summer or feel inspired by the autumn nature, we have the perfect guide to help you achieve your ideal look.

In recent years there has been a general trend for introducing hanging greenery into the home, particularly in the kitchen. Introducing indoor plants creates clean scents and a vibrant space.Furthermore you can ensure you keep a green space within the home, as everything outside begins to fall. Start with the pothos plant. It is an easy to care for houseplant which thrives in low light conditions.

If you are not so confident about your botanical skills then perhaps be a little less ambitious and consider faking it. An increasing number of online retailers are selling amazing faux plants from desert cactus to fern and foliage.

Perhaps your home is already brimming with houseplants but you are still looking to add a little more greenery this Autumn. Fully commit to the “outside in” trend and select leafy designed wallpaper, fabric and upholstery.As autumn is all about the harvest, bring in some berries. Bring colour and warmth to your room with branches and twigs adorned with beautiful berries or create a natural display with dried leaves, fruits and nuts.

Create a centrepiece for your dining table with squash, they come in all sort of shapes colours and sizes and make an unusual table decoration. Adorn your mantelpiece with conkers and fallen leaves.

Style your logs

Whether your have a fully functional log burner or a non functional fireplace, why not style your logs? Logs signal autumn. Long chilly evenings sat by roaring log fires. Why not maximise their impact and take some to carefully stack your logs into an eye catching feature.

Finishing touches

Just as you will be layering up with your autumn wardrobe, consider piling chunky knit throws and soft cashmere blankets into an easy to access basket in your lounge. The basket will make for a fabulous feature and keep the whole family warm on chilly evenings.

Think carefully about textures and opt for velvets cushions, floor hides and fluffy finished stools for added comfort.A warm glow and wooded scents are perfect to create a seasonal scent within your home.

Candles create an instant ambience, particularly when it is dark outside.

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