Autumn Weeding The Eco-friendly Way

You can smell the freshness in the air that heralds the arrival of autumn, and that means getting out into the garden and clearing the garden after the damage summer has inflicted on it. It can be really difficult to keep on top of weeds in the summer as the combination of heat and the inevitable rain that comes with a British summer means they become virtually indestructible.

When it comes to weeding there are 2 choices; aim for the quick toxic method of spraying everything with weed killer or going down the eco-friendly route. The latter is not complicated or difficult and you can pat yourself on the back for not going for the quick kill.

When it comes to eco-friendly weeding there are a multitude of recipes online for natural herbicides that promise to kill those weeds off and we have chosen those which are easily created using everyday stuff we all have in our homes.

There are also special tools designed for this purpose and while we don’t see what isn’t eco-friendly about an ordinary hoe or trowel we have included one of those in the list as well.

Dig ’em up and dry ’em out

It may be time consuming yes but digging up each weed by the root, letting them dry out and throwing them on the compost heap is the most eco-friendly weeding method of them all.

Yes it can take a while if you have a large garden and haven’t kept on top of the weeds during the summer but not only will your garden look great at the end of it you will feel fitter as well.

Put the kettle on

The kettle will do if you only have a couple of weeds to get rid of but if you have quite a few get the biggest pot you have on the stove and boil that water until its bubbling. Boiling water is one of the easiest natural ways of killing weeds and one of the safest; unless you happen to spill some on yourself of course.

The water should be poured over the leaves and stems of the weeds and this method is particularly useful for those pesky weeds which appear between the flagstones on drives, paths etc.

Burn them!

We are just talking weeds here nothing else so budding pyromaniacs should now leave the building. There is a special tool available called the Flame Weeder which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Fire takes no prisoners and a quick blast with this will leave those weeds feeble and withered specimens of their formers selves.

You do need to take precautions of course, such as clearing the area of any dried weeds or grass which can easily catch alight and result in a 999 call.

A salty shower

Depending on the severity of your weed problem dissolve 1 part salt in between 3 and 8 parts hot water. Allow to cool, add a dash of washing up liquid to make it stick to the weeds, and transfer it into a spray bottle.If you use this method spray it onto the leaves of the weed in short, sharp bursts and try to avoid it soaking the soil as it can seriously affect the PH balance.

Also tie back or cover any surrounding plants or flowers lest they too will end up suffering a salty demise. One last word of warning, the high salt concentrate can permanently discolour cement so use with caution near drives, paths etc.These great tips will help ensure that you can go about autumn weeding in an eco-friendly manner.