Beautiful Indonesia

Located between Asia and Australia and home to thousands of islands, Indonesia is a stunning and memorable destination that provides a wealth of sights and activities. Indonesia is home to a multitude of languages, with over 300 variations and is an incredibly diverse country.

Indonesia is the fourth most populated country in the world and is made up from a multitude of tribes and cultures.With stunning scenery, lush greenery and an excellent welcome in all areas, Indonesia is the ultimate destination for multitudes of tourists each year.

Some of Indonesia’s most famous destinations include its capital, Jakarta and the islands of Bali, Java and Sumatra. With thousands upon thousands of islands, Indonesia is a treasure trove of possible destinations and allows visitors an abundance of activities and pastimes.

What to do

Island hopping is a popular activity with many tourists, who embrace the opportunity to see as much of the country as is possible during their visit. Other enticing activities include surfing, diving, fishing, shopping, golf, watersports and a variety of impressive eateries.

Indonesia is able to cater for all hobbies and preferences and endeavours to provide the most memorable and engaging activities possible.

The Indonesian calendar is filled with enticing cultural activities and observations, many of which welcome the inclusion of foreigners. The country observes a variety of religious celebrations each year, predominantly of the Muslim and Buddhist faiths.

International campaigns are often considered in Indonesia, which recently housed a Global V=Climate Change convention. The country has a rich and proud connection to a variety of fields including history, food, crafts and music. Tourists will never be disappointed with the wealth of options in the quest to observe natives in their annual celebrations.

Where to stay

Indonesia’s tourism industry is built on pride and reputation. Many of the country’s hotels are amongst the most luxurious in the world and the staff within the field are committed to excellent service and friendly interactions.

Lodgings can be found to suit all budgets and tastes and Indonesia promises to over accommodation that is as breathtaking as it’s coastline. Whether looking to secure an opulent hotel, simple beach hut or an inexpensive hostel, Indonesia guarantees to offer accommodation to suit every requirement.


As with most countries, Indonesia has a collection of traditions and observations that it upholds and the country appreciates a tourist’s respect of such customs. The country has a high muslim population and as such, Muslim traditions should be observed.

Tourists do well to acknowledge that interactions with Muslim women may well differ from those with Westerners and respect is of paramount importance.

Other such customs include the removal of shoes when entering a home or place of worship, proposing a toast is not a usual practice as the majority of Indonesians are Muslim and therefore do not consume alcohol and it is deemed polite to accept the offer of a drink or food from a host.

Indonesia is a warm, welcoming and embracing country. The Indonesian people are enthralled to share interactions with their foreign guests and will do their utmost to encourage each tourist’s enjoyable stay. Indonesia guarantees to be one of the most memorable, heartwarming and desirable destinations for any traveller.

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