Benefits Of Staying Hydrated Throughout The Day

There’s lots of advice about how much water we should be drinking per day with the standard mantra being in the region of two litres although where this figure comes from is not clear. However, the NHS website states that drinking a mixture of water, tea and non-sugary drinks can all help keep your body suitably hydrated and healthy.[1]

But why is it important to stay hydrated?

Enhances physical performance

If you exercise to the point where you sweat, drinking more water can improve your performance.

Improves brain function

Being dehydrated affects mood, focus, and memory so being fully hydrated helps you focus for longer.

Prevents headaches

Headaches can be a sign of dehydration and therefore drinking water regularly throughout the day will help prevent them.

Various health benefits

Keeping well hydrated can prevent some health conditions such as kidney stones or constipation.

Helps with weight loss

Often when you think you are hungry you are in fact thirsty, so keeping a bottle of water to hand can stop you reaching for the biscuits or crisps.

So, there you have it, five reasons why reaching for water or black tea could help you remain healthy, active, and focused.

Drink up!