10 Best Red Wines For Him

Red wines offer a wide variety of flavours ranging from soft, sweets to huge, bold powerhouses.This a short list of some of the best red wines in the world, wines that any man can feel ‘manly’ about drinking.

They offer taste and style that can match any food or event, whether its dinner with that special someone or watching football with mates.

1. Masi Classico Costasera Amarone

This is huge red wine that has a powerful taste of dried fruit. The grapes are dried on bamboo racks before being fermented for an extended period. At £30, this is not an inexpensive wine, but it is a wine you won’t soon forget.

2. Hacienda Don Hernan Rioja Gran Reserva

Be careful. Once you fall in love with a Rioja, you might never drink another wine. This one has black cherry, vanilla, and tobacco smoke flavours. At ten years old, this bottle is ideal for drinking today. Pair with a steak or by itself.

3. The Chocolate Block

Chocolatey wine is bound to be a hit. This South African wine from the Western Cape provides exactly what its name says. This is a treat of a wine that can be shared with everyone. At £19.99, it is an excellent choice for someone looking for a wine that has tastes of dessert with the strength of a great entrée. Available from Waitrose.

4. Penfold’s Bin 28 Kalimna Shiraz

No list of modern reds is complete without a Southeast Australian Shiraz. This is one of the finer examples. Full bodied and yet light, this wine is outstanding in its complexity of flavours. It can stand down to seafood or up to a beef stew. The price tag, £22, is reasonable enough for two bottles.

5. Sotanum

This is Northern Rhone Syrah; the same grape as the Shiraz, but from the other side of the world. It has a peppery flavour that holds onto your mouth. It is perfect paired with strong cheeses and meats. £42 might feel a bit steep, but the Sotanum is worth the price.

6. Milos Stagnum

Game of Thrones fan? This is the wine that comes from the vineyard where the crew parties. A Croatian red, produced from the plavac mali grape, it is proof that Croatia is a legitimate wine-making country. One taste and you will understand why Croatia’s vintners have a fiercely loyal following. You may have to search further a field for this one but if you decide to have it shipped over it will be worth it.

7. Vins de Pays de L’Ardeche Gamay

At only £6, this wine might get passed over, but that will be a mistake. The Beaujolais grape gives this wine a big red flavour and a sweetness that is understated. Chilled a bit and served with canapés, this is an ideal starter wine.

8. Mas de Montagnes

Spicy and green smelling, this is a wine that blends syrah, carignan, and grenache grapes. The wine that results is only about £9 and it might actually be worth twice that. It is a favourite in the UK and deservedly so.

9. Simply Garnacha

Spain is wonderful place to get great wines, especially reds. This wine is no exception. The wine is full-bodied and flavourful with hints of stone fruits and apple. Less £5, this is a wine that pairs well with everything.

10. McWilliam’s Hanwood Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

No wine list is complete without a great cabernet sauvignon and this is one of the finest. It big and bold with a bit less acidity than a Rioja. Perfect with a lamb dish and dark chocolate, this is a wine that should not be missed.

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