10 Best White Wines for Her

In general, the lady of the manor prefers the lighter, less tannic flavours of white wines. To be clear, there is nothing wrong with a woman drinking red wine, in fact, we applaud it, but we wanted to give women a simple list of great wines to start with.

These wines are from all over the world and have a huge variety of flavours, ranging from the very fruity to the very dry. Our list is designed to bring to light some of the lovely wines that you might overlook on wine shop.

We hope you enjoy.

1. Lady Sauvignon - Casablanca Sauvignon Blanc

This delicious white comes from Chile, a place that great winemakers say that God created just to grow wine grapes. This is a clean and crisp wine with hints of pepper, citrus, grapefruit and passion fruit. Not overpowering, it will allow you to enjoy delicate canapés and seafood. Available from Majestic.

2. Clos St-Jacques Riesling

Slightly sweet with hints of lemon and lychee, this is a lovely wine with spicy foods. The very dry conditions in Alsace produce wines with great sugar and complexity. The soil gives the grapes a minerality that is refreshing enough for a hot day and elegant enough for a cool evening.

3. Mud House Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand is now one of the world’s finest wine producers, particularly for drinkable and affordable wines. Mud House’s Sauv Blanc fits this bill. It has a grapefruit and guava flavour, with a bit of a nettle spices. There is a green vegetal aftertaste that makes this a great side with a creamy sauce or chicken. Available from Waitrose.

4. Montagny Premier Cru “Les Millieres”

When people think of Burgundy they naturally think of the big, smooth reds of the region. This is a big smooth white from Burgundy. Made from Chardonnay grapes and fermented in stainless steel tanks, it is a crisp wine with a peach, pear and acacia nose. The mouthfeel is rich and gentle, perfect for a delicate seafood dinner.

5. Graham Beck Sauvignon Blanc

This a fruity, young white wine that is ideal for an evening drinking the ladies. It has a bright taste that is neither too dry nor too sweet. It represents a lively new style of wine coming from South Africa where they are making a name for producing affordable, highly drinkable wines.

6. Macon-Lugny Louis Latour

Another lovely Burgundian Chardonnay, this wine is built upon an apple flavour that is lightly touched with lemon curd and toasted highlights. It has a long finish that is full and warm. This is an ideal wine to pair with pork or with an oily fish, like salmon.

7. La Grille Vouray Paul Buisse

This Chenin Blanc stands out from the crowd by not being overly dry. Many Chenins can be intensely dry. This one has a bit of sweetness that counters the acidity and dryness. The apple and peach flavours play very nicely with spicy foods and poultry dishes.

8. Petit Chablis Domaine Louis Moreau

This Petit Chablis has a light fruitiness that is clean and open, with a light minerality that is perfect for Italian dinners and even pizza. This 200-year old French wine house continues to bring fantastic wines to market. This one is lively and delicious, an excellent representation of the Petit Chablis style.

9. Caixas Albariño Martín Códax, Rías Baixas

It would be a sin to not include a wine from Spain. This delicious white wine has a zesty taste that is supported by a citrus foreground. There is a hint of peach and sugars on the tongue. Although it is crisp, it also lingers and provides a well-rounded finish.

10. Brown Brothers Orange Muscat and Flora

The orange blossom flavour and spice of this amazing dessert wine is a wonderful way to complete a meal. Its sweetness and fruitiness is ideal with any dessert, including rich chocolates and fruit tarts. It will also play very nicely with Italian foods and spices, if you can’t wait to drink it.

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