7 Breathtaking Safari Destinations

A safari holiday is sure to be one that dazzles tourists with offerings of fascinating wildlife and stunning surrounds. Most often associated with Africa, safaris are available throughout the world and some of the most exceptional can be found on other continents. The following guide gives a breakdown of 7 of the world’s most breathtaking safari destinations.

1. Uganda

In Uganda tourists can expect the awesome opportunity to see Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat. The safari isn’t a relaxation break and an element of fitness is required in order to complete the climbs and treks, but the effort is undoubtedly worth it to view the majestic gorillas play, eat, rest and interact.

Tourists can expect wet weather and are advised to prepare for rain. Be sure to invest in a decent digital camera to take clear snaps of the sublime sights.

2. Kenya

For most people, Kenya will feature as the go-to destination for big game safari trips. The excellent destination of Masai Mara in Kenya offers a huge savannah with an abundance of wildlife. Tourists can stay in tents if they’d like the most authentic experience and gamekeepers will provide entertainment as well as information on the animals.

There are no self drive options here, but the safety, knowledge and routes taken by the experienced guides will ensure that your trip is a memorable and exciting one. Animals to be seen on such a safari include lions, elephants, giraffes and a wide variety of other beasts.

3. Botswana

Moremi Game Reserve in Botswana is a wonderful destination for those seeking a wide variety of wildlife and settings. From woodland to swampland, Moremi Game Reserve is one of the most costly safaris, but the potential to see so many animals makes the expense well worthwhile.

4. Bandhavgarh National Park, India

This stunning National Park allows visitors the opportunity to see tigers in their natural homeland. With it’s ancient tall trees, this Indian jungle is a mixture of luxury, tradition, warmth and mystery.

Guests can stay in decadent safari lodges and enjoy the most glamorous safari in one of the most welcoming destinations in the world. This is the ideal destination for tigers, birds, sambars (large deers) and of course, the Bengal tiger.

5. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are made up of 15 active volcanic islands and are home to some of the most stunning marine life examples on the planet. Those looking for an aqua based safari are sure to be stunned by the gorgeous clear waters, beautiful coral and wildlife ranging from penguins through to turtles.

Many guest to this destination take the opportunity to stay on a boat for their trip which allows them to travel more readily between the islands and have a unique accommodation experience to boot.

6. Alaska

For those who enjoy colder climates and unspoilt areas, Alaska’s bear safari will make for an exceptional trip. Meandering through peaceful forests in the shadows of snowy mountains, tourists can enjoy wildlife including bears, wolves, deer and whales.

Visitors who arrive between July-September may be lucky enough to watch bears fishing. Do be aware that the weather can be especially hostile at times.

7. Namibia

There is a massive concentration of wildlife throughout Namibia and visitors can benefit from a host of safari options in this destination. The waterholes in this arid location attract some of the most magnificent animals and create the most beautiful images possible.

Elephants, birdlife, antelope and even seals live in this area, allowing visitors the security of knowing that they can embrace a varied and magical range of wildlife in stunning scenery.

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