Can a UK Holiday Compare to a Foreign Trip?

It’s true to say that the UK cannot boast the best weather conditions in the world, but what we lack in vitamin D offerings, we make up for in wonderful seaside resorts, superb historical sites and an eclectic mix of entertainment offerings. But does all that really compare to lying by a beach on a foreign shore?

This article considers the benefits of UK holidays in comparison to foreign trips with the ultimate aim of deciding whether good old Blighty might even be a better option.

To make a decision, we need to examine the benefits of both options and weigh-up which holiday type is the most attractive. The following factors seem to be the most influential in determining which destination may be the preferred:

  • Weather

  • Entertainment

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Cost


Ultimately, unless you have a penchant for changeable and unpredictable weather, a foreign sunny trip will always win in this area.

Britain is an unparalleled destination for cosy retreats in a cottage during the winter months, but for those seeking a summer holiday in the heat, it really is advisable to travel away from these fine lands.


Entertainment in the UK is as varied as it is imaginative. On a summer holiday in Britain, entertainment options vary from hotel run events, such as cabaret, quiz nights, discos and family fun evenings through to luxurious meals, theatre, board games and cards.


Package holiday offerings tends to involve more stereotypical entertainment options. Alcohol plays a mammoth part of any evening activity and hotels seem to cater to guests with a wealth of karaoke, comedy acts and singers.

Whereas the UK relies less on group activities, the bulk of European package resorts encourage the involvement of guests and audiences. Entertainment in such venues is likely to be loud, encompassing and although great fun, quite often repetitive.


One thing that British travellers are famed for is their relentless love for all things…. British! This is well reflected in the food that is offered in both UK and foreign holiday resorts. It is a comical commonplace practice that several Brits seek out the closest full English breakfast to consume along with their English newspaper on a daily basis.

This, coupled with the unwavering need to source a British pub to watch premiership football suggests that a mass of tourists might be better served staying at home.

But for those who are prepared to be adventurous, food in foreign countries can be a journey in itself. Fresh fish, exceptional salad and vegetable produce along with sumptuous fruit can be a welcome break from the well-known (and well-loved) dishes that are familiar favourites in the UK.


It would be easy to think that the cost of a UK holiday is substantially cheaper than that of a foreign alternative. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily so. Although the initial cost to book a foreign package holiday can seem much higher, when tourists calculate the cost of travel, accommodation, food and entertainment on a UK trip, it is likely to surprise them as to how quickly the costs mount.

It is certainly worth considering that UK holidays often command greater expenses during the break, whereas foreign options lend themselves better to lazy (and cheap) days by the pool or on the beach and as such, travel is limited whilst away.


It seems fair to suggest that both options have a wealth of benefits that compete with the alternative, but the weather on a foreign holiday seems to make the winner of this debate the overseas trip.

Warm weather is a welcome change for most Brits, it allows for less requirement to spend money on indoor entertainment activities and there really is something special about being the most tanned in the office on a dreary British day.

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