Christmas Cruises

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, dedicated to gatherings, gifts, celebration and food. What is sometimes underestimated however, is the organisation and execution of such fun. Christmas can be as stressful as it is beautiful and the temptation to escape the chaos can be high. A Christmas Cruise allows travellers to leave the madness behind and enjoy the finely prepared festivities without the need to raise a hand – other than for a drink or two, of course.

Christmas cruises offer passengers the ability to relax, knowing that decorations, food, entertainment and all chores are complete. With a group of like-minded people, Christmas cruises become a marvellous party, full of relaxation, joviality and festivity. Whether escaping for a quiet break or taking the whole family along, there is a cruise to suit every purpose and costs are surprisingly attractive.

Types of destinations

Several cruise companies promote the luxury, comfort and wonder of their Christmas offerings, with destinations varying. Passengers can enjoy short-haul journeys to icy cold Norway through to sun infused destinations such as the Caribbean. Irrespective of where the cruise may take their guests, the festive feel of the journey is never compromised.

Cruise durations vary greatly and for those looking to experience the atmosphere of a Christmas cruise, whilst still being home for the actual day, a mini-cruise may be ideal.

These 3-5 day cruises offer focus on European countries such as Germany and allow guests to enjoy a few days of relaxation and self-indulgent festivity before returning to the Christmas chaos at home.


Cruise staff work hard to ensure that their guests are comfortable, relaxed and enjoying every element of the offering. This includes a variety of entertainment choices, from singers through to comedians and separate offerings for cruise with child passengers. Santa is likely to make a visit at some point and gifts are offered by most service areas.

With wonderful incentives to enjoy spa treatments or large discounts from onboard shops, Christmas is the perfect time to take a cruise.


All ships are carefully decorated to ensure that a homely, festive feel is guaranteed whilst not compromising the opulence that cruises are recognised for. With trees scented of pine, colour coordinated decorations and festive music, a cruise ship can soon feel more Christmassy than even the best thought out home.

Food on a Christmas cruise is undeniably excellent. A great emphasis is given to the culinary offerings and passengers are guaranteed to never feel hungry. Christmas dinner assures to be a feast, with options to enjoy variation and originality on every plate. Tradition is observed at all times and the chefs are sourced for their excellence and loyalty to success.

Escaping Christmas at home may seem like a difficult choice, but taking a Christmas cruise allows all passengers to experience a family Christmas without the stress and chores associated. So what will it be? Somewhere arctic, a river cruise or sunshine?

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