Cool Ski Gear This Season

Ski and boarding breaks are renowned for the friendly, community atmosphere and the joviality of apres-ski gatherings.

Although clothes and accessories for this hobby can be costly, some items are so cool that they truly are ‘must-buys’. Below is collection of cool ski gear we like and is available currently.

Voice Communicating Ski Goggles

Bluetooth enabled goggles that allow skiers to protect their vision whilst holding conversations with up to six friends. With a range of 1,600 feet, the goggles and communication device will maintain power for up to 12 hours.

The goggles can be connected to iPhones to enable users to answer incoming calls effortlessly. Made by Hammacher Schlemmer.

GoPro Camera

The GoPro camera is a favourite amongst outdoor enthusiasts and guarantees to take excellent action shots in a variety of environments. Lightweight, hardy and easy to use, the GoPro camera range gives skiers the ability to take memorable shots whilst on the move and surrounded in hostile weathers.

Heated Gloves

Of course, snow covered mountains are not always the most temperate of places and skiers often revel in the idea of reaching a warming area. With innovated heated ski gloves, skiers can now enjoy their sport for longer, whilst enjoying more comfortable temperatures.

With battery power, many of the newest heated ski glove designs give up to 12 hours of warmth at a time. Get them at WarmThru.

Triple 8 Bumsaver

The need to protect yourself from injuries when enjoying mountain pursuits never wavers. The innovative Triple 8 Bumsaver makes this all the more possible by promising to protect the hips, pelvis and tailbone of users.

The equipment absorbs the shock of a fall and allows skiers to be more adventurous with their sport. Available from Skatehut.

Camelbak Packs

Skiing is a tiring activity and can quickly result in dehydration. Allowing skiers to fill the pack and store in their backpack, the Camelbak range offers a hands free way to access fluids throughout their day using a bite and sip tube. Available from Camelbak direct.

Hotronic Footwarmers

With up to 21 hours of charge and easily eased into ski or board boots, the Hotronic range of foot-warmers can provide additional comfort and warmth to those on even the coldest mountains. Praised for limiting cold related injuries, this innovative technology is adaptable to suit all preferences and sized boot. Available from Ski Equipment UK.

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