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We couldn't believe it when we discovered these awesome machines from Cooler King eBikes. They're driven by modern tech, but kitted out with retro looking gear. Everyone at Ideal Lifestyle now wants one, but is it as simple as buy and ride?

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eBikes are quickly becoming one of the must have leisure goods although many people still don't know what eBikes are and how they differ from Motorcycles.

The difference is best explained when looking at GOV.UK's Electric bikes: licensing, tax, and insurance information.

You can ride an electric bike if you’re 14 or over, as long as it meets certain requirements. These electric bikes are known as ‘electrically assisted pedal cycles’ (EAPCs). You do not need a licence to ride one and it does not need to be registered, taxed or insured.

Basically, this means if it can't be peddled then it isn't an eBike.

There are some very clear rules outlined by the government which act as a 'threshold' for when an eBike becomes classified as a Motorcycle but the simple one-liner we've created from the information on GOV.UK is that:

the electric motor can't have a power output of more than 250 watts and the motor can't propel the bike when moving faster than 15 miles per hour.

Anything above this and the eBike is classified as a Motorcycle and needs to be registered, taxed, insured, operated by someone with the correct licence, and a helmet must be worn.

The Cooler King eBikes we've used in this article wouldn't be as cool if they were restricted, which is why they've gone the extra mile in creating eBikes with a setting that restricts the 'power to motor' in order to meet UK road regulations. More information on this can be found on Cooler King's website in each product description.

(Image: Cooler King eBikes)


Cooler King eBikes come with a clear warning:

These bikes cannot be ridden without admiring glances and comments. If you don't want to be noticed, this is not the bike for you.

Now that you've explored the difference, discovered what the rules are, and learnt that eBikes can be super cool, it's time to ride on over to Cooler King eBike's website and explore the full range of eBikes, traditional pedal bikes, accessories, and more.

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Information and links to external sources correct at time of publishing. Article intended for light entertainment and basic knowledge sharing. We recommend seeking further advice from official sources if you're interested in purchasing an electric bike that has a higher output capacity and top speed than the eBike rules & regulations in your country.