Create Your Own Pub

Pubs have been closed a lot over the past year which resulted in many Brits looking for ways to recreate the pub experience at home.

Rose & Ian Jeeves from Leicestershire spent their time in lockdown installing a pub in their garden and have spent many afternoons sipping away in their mini-pub which they've named The Rose & Thorn - although we aren't too sure what this says about husband Ian!

Take a look at The Rose & Thorn in these pictures and then explore some ways you can create your own pub at home - with or without a shed!


Most of the pubs that we've seen people create have used a shed or purpose-built structure as a starting point, but if you're not in a position to be able to cut a window in a shed wall, or you just have nowhere else to store what's already in your shed, then a Gazebo is a great starting point for creating the 'walls' of your own pub.

For a classic look, choose a square Gazebo with simple tent walls that can be attached individually so you can have as many sides open (or closed) as you wish.

If you're going for a classy modern pub, consider a Gazebo with walls that open into pleated drapes.

You could even get a Gazebo with a hard roof to give a more permanent feel to your temporary structure.


If you're building your pub in a Gazebo, your best bet is to choose some garden furniture that's durable in all weather. Choose a high table with stools for a casual bar look and feel, or a table & chair set for a more relaxing set up.

If you're lucky enough to be building your pub in a shed larger than the average size, consider some rustic looking furniture to really recreate the look & feel of a typical British pub.

What About Kids?

Occupying the children when you're at a pub is a big consideration when choosing which pub to go to, if you're going to create your own pub, you'll need something for the kids to do.

Something you'll find in the beer gardens of most British family pubs is a sturdy climbing frame. If you've got the space, you should go all-out and get an empire frame with bridges, ladders, slides, ropes, and swings. If space is limited, consider a simple swing set, or even a wooden sandpit with built-in canopy to help keep the kids occupied.

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