Decorate Your Garden For Bonfire Night

As the 5th November approaches we’re going to show you how to decorate your Garden for Bonfire Night, as many of us are sorting our gardens out ready for our very own bonfire party.

Obviously there are plenty of organised displays in every area, but why attend one when you can make use of your very own backyard and hold one there? We’ll show you how to decorate your gardens for Bonfire Night.

If you’re planning your own Guy Fawkes party there’s a lot to organise, but don’t worry, it’s all going to be worth it!

Getting Started

Your main priority is going to be your bonfire. It may seem obvious, but many people get carried away with the decorations long before they even think about making the bonfire up, which is after all your party centrepiece!

  • Remember to avoid using rubbish that will cause toxic smoke when it is burnt. You’re looking for natural things to burn, not things like plastics or fabrics.

  • Don’t set up your bonfire in the garden well in advance, not only will it potentially get damp from wet weather, but frogs, snails, hedgehogs and even cats may see it as a lovely place to hide.

  • Keep branches, logs, twigs and other bonfire fodder nice and dry until the time comes to use it. Decorate your gardens for Bonfire Night but think of the wildlife!

  • To prepare an area for the bonfire, try to use a section of the garden that has bare soil and away from anything like fences, the house, sheds, dry grass – basically anything potentially flammable.

  • Make sure you construct the bonfire last minute and make it with method (cone shape or wigwam shape) to keep it under control.

Alternatively, don’t bother with a bonfire at all and opt for a greener, more eco-friendly alternative with everything but the fire, people will still have a great time!


Now comes the fun bit to decorate your gardens for Bonfire Night, the decorations! First things first you must have a Guy Fawkes, even if you’re not having a fire (it’s tradition!). Make him out of non-combustible materials if you do plan to burn him and make an afternoon out of it if you can – kids love making Guy Fawkes.

For lighting you’ve got a whole heap of choices, from real tea lights in jam jars on the table to battery run ‘tea lights’ that are completely child friendly (some of them even flicker!). If you want a really romantic, soft lighting effect, fairy lights are your top choice hands down. Twist them around tree’s, twigs, decking, chairs – anything really! Just make sure they are secure and out of reach of children, and well away from the bonfire if you’re having one.

Another great way to make lovely autumnal decorations is to use autumn leaves in lots of different ways. Large bowls of water with floating candles and a few perfect autumn leaves look stunning, as do jam jars stuffed with autumn leaves and fairy lights. Jars full of conkers also look great as bonfire night table decorations, in the house and outside in the garden.

Safety first

Remember, on bonfire night safety should be your main priority ahead of any decorating. Make sure you follow bonfire night safety guidelines from the Fire Service – you don’t want your party to be memorable for all the wrong reasons!

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