Decorating For Garden Entertaining

Solar Lighting

Warmer weather in the UK means we can spend longer outside while the sun sets. Solar powered lighting is a cost-effective way to add decoration to your outdoor space.

Solar powered globe lights look decorative during the day when they're not turned on. Simply stick them in the ground, place the solar panel nearby and facing the sun.

Solar ground lights look like little discs sitting on the ground, they don't have a separate solar panel as it's built into the disc. Place these either side of pathways, near fences or walls to decoratively light them up in the evening, or place them in and around planting and rockery to ensure your garden features look awesome in the dark.

Fire Pits

Aside from the obvious warmth that fire pits can provide, a well-placed fire pit can create a focal point where people gather.

A bowl fire pit looks simple and will make the fire itself the focal point.

A rustic fire pit adds personality to anywhere you place it. These are ideal for gardens that need a little bit of TLC because they don't look immaculate either.

Globe fire pits offer more height compared to standard-style fire pits and most don't even look like a fire pit until they're lit.

If floor space is limited, opt for a pillar. A fire pillar still adds wow factor to your garden entertaining without taking up floor space, their width makes them perfect for smaller gardens, and their height makes them great for gardens that don't have a lot in them.

Place fire pillars either side of a pathway to make your entrance feel epic.

Ice Buckets

Mostly practical, and sitting on a wall or table, ice buckets can typically be boring.

A decorative wooden ice box doesn't even look like an ice bucket and can place in seating areas to make the space feel more homely. It can moved around easily too thanks to the handles.

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