The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is internationally recognised as one of the world’s most beautiful areas and is considered by UNESCO to be an ‘outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape’. The breathtaking aesthetics of the area are as striking as they are renowned, with dramatic mountains and postcard towns.

The Amalfi Coast epitomises Italian living and evokes relaxation, reflection and romance. The area encompasses history and contemporary luxury, without compromising it patriotic pride. The area is home to small village houses that embrace Italian style and warmth like no other.

At the same time, the Amalfi Coast boasts a wealth of large villas that rather than imposing on the natural beauty, highlight the draw of the area to the country’s elite.


Somewhat unsurprisingly, the gateway to Sorrento offers an abundance of exceptional restaurants and hotels. The tourism industry is the area’s most thriving economic inclusion and as such, guests are never short of places to dine and relax.

With a location that attracts those with wealth, budget may be expected to be a concern, though this is not the case. The Amalfi Coast is a region that caters to all expenses and with small eateries through to large, award-winning restaurants, all tastes and finances are catered for.

Being such a rich tourist area, the Amalfi Coast has a superb selection of accommodation for visitors. Large cliff top hotels offer exceptional views of the landscapes and small self-catering villas enable guests to feel truly at home.

Again, there is a place to stay to suit all wallets and each guest is guaranteed to be in awe of the choice of entertainments and pastimes.

What to do

The Amalfi Coast offers visitors a varied offering of things to do during the day and night. With explorers being encouraged to hike through the region or boasters being offered the opportunity to view the coastline from the sea, each part of the area has a superb entertainment selection.

Nighttime hours can be spent at one of the area’s lively bars or clubs, where dancing is expected, let alone encouraged. Africana is one of the area’s most well-established venues, having been present since the 1950s. The drinks here are somewhat pricey, though this is made up for by the wonderful atmosphere.


Shopping in the area is also truly impressive. There are a host of small boutique shops and handmade crafts are available readily. Shops such as Stinga offer guests the opportunity to source and purchase locally made wooden arts and crafts. These pieces make ideal gifts or memory inducing ornamental pieces for back home.

Any tourist who seeks to find a location of exceptional beauty, fabulous welcomes and an abundance of things to see and do will be well advised to visit the Amalfi Coast. Many travellers return year after year and it is unsurprising that so many consider this area to be the perfect destination.

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