Disabled Urged To Drive A Better Deal On Their Car Insurance

Disability insurance specialist is advising drivers to be wary of the convenience of price comparison sites which may not be geared up to deal with their particular needs. Car insurance can be a tricky business especially where extra needs have to be met.

“These sites can be brilliant for the average driver but their tick box mechanics can often work against disabled drivers who often own vehicles adapted to accommodate their disability,” explained the company’s managing director, John Garrard.

“The danger is by ticking a box to say your car is modified, a disabled driver then suffers a premium loading as the insurer places them among drivers who have simple ‘pimped their rides’ to add performance and value.”

He added that there was also a danger that disabled drivers could buy policies that don’t fully meet their needs. “If your car is stolen or written of, many policies simply settle based on the standard list price less depreciation,” he explains. “That could leave disabled drivers left footing the bill for costly adaptations which are not taken into account.”

Mr. Garrard advised drivers to read the small print before buying a car insurance policy to ensure it includes benefits which are either desirable or necessary for people with disabilities.

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