Discover Belize

Belize is a destination that offers a divine fusion of Central American culture and Caribbean luxury. Belize is home to a marvellous contrast of landscapes from wild jungles through to peaceful beaches and the collection of islands make for a breathtaking holiday location.

The sealife of the country is an attraction to divers from across the world. The Belize Barrier Reef is the second longest in the world and home to coral, fish and turtles. Novice snorkelers can marvel at the stunning underwater worlds and experienced divers can revel in deep sea cave exploration.

Wildlife lovers will be spoilt for choice on a holiday to Belize. The country is home to widespread jungleland and national parks. Conservation parks are home to a wide variety of birds, monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas and many more in between.

Belize’s national bird, the showy keel-billed toucan is also known to make the occasional appearance to thrill tourists.

Steeped in history, Belize is a fascinating destination. Visitors are implored to discover the heritage of the Maya and venture through the ages to this ancient civilisation. Belize houses a wealth of archaeological sites with many dating back to the Classic Period.

History enthusiasts can marvel at ancient stone temples and architecture of centuries gone by. For further discovery, the country also boasts excavated tombs and hieroglyphics. Days can be spent in caves used by the Maya for rituals and celebrations.

Being such an attractive, fascinating and stunning country, it is unsurprising that tourism is catered for to exceptional standards. There are an abundance of accommodation offerings, including opulent hotels on the beach and basic self-catering options further inland.

Many of the country’s hotels offer eco-friendly facilities, but this feature is mainly reserved for lodges and cottages. With some quirky offerings including treetop lodgings and garden retreats.

Restaurants are vast in number and choices are in abundance. All budgets are catered for in Belize, with luxury and frugality acknowledged countrywide. Food in Belize is varied and includes cuisine from the States, Caribbean, Asian and European influence.

With Spanish being the predominant language in the country, dishes of the same nationality are readily available. Locals welcome the opportunity to introduce visitors to traditional dishes including rice dishes, potato salad and bean accompaniments.

Belize offers outstanding nightlife and exotic entertainment is available throughout the country. Holidaymakers are encouraged to dance the night away to traditional music and relax with cocktails and local beers.

With a heavy Latino influence, Belize is an exciting amalgamation of beats, culture, energy and colour. A holiday to this remarkable destination is guaranteed to delight and impress.

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