Discover Cuba

Discover Cuba, the magnificent destination of contradictions, culture and outstanding aesthetics that is sure to produce memories that will last for a lifetime. With an often poor facade, an explorer of Cuba will soon find riches in all areas and is sure to be amazed by the hidden depths of this destination.

The Caribbean island is an eclectic mix of history, cosmopolitan entertainment and people who bring such energy and warmth to an exciting and colourful country.


Cuba is an exciting mix of landscapes, with dramatic mountains, white sandy beaches, lush greenery and busy urban cities. This means that unlike other Caribbean islands, Cuba quite simply can offer everything in one stop. Perhaps most famed for the capital’s facade and the sublime beaches that encourage lazy days under the sun, Cuba is also home to forests that demand exploration and crocodile infested swamps that appeal to the most adventurous of travellers.

Around each corner is a new and fresh sight and behind each bar or stall is an abundance of history and life. Art lovers will be in their element during a visit to Cuba as this is a destination that applauds artistic talent at every opportunity.

Classic and contemporary exhibitions are available in many areas including the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes and La Casa de la Ciudad.

Day trips in Cuba

For those looking for enticing day trips that are fascinating and fun, a tour of Cuba’s only tobacco plantation is not to be missed! Alejandro Robaina Tobacco Plantation is an excellent opportunity to understand the history and workings behind the famous Cuban cigar.

Those who enjoy history or military sites are sure to enjoy exploring the Castillo de San Pedro de la Roca. This fortress is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and offers fascinating insights into Cuba’s history as well as stunning views of the island.

Beach lovers are spoilt for choice in Cuba and if the excellently clean white shores every get dull, there are a wide range of water activities on offer. Explore and enjoy the breathtaking marine life in Cuba through scuba diving or for those who can, this is an excellent diving destination.

Hire a boat or charter a yacht to explore the coastline of this stunning island and have a local guide explain the highlights of the area and give you tips on further things to see and do.For those who prefer to stay on land, many tourists hire a bicycle on their visit to Cuba and make use of the accommodating routes for island exploration.

This is a superb way to uncover some of Cuba’s hidden areas whilst enjoying the stunning climate and engaging with passers-by.

Visit the capital

A visit to Cuba demands a trip to the capital of Havana, where visitors can marvel at Spanish colonial architecture whilst immersing themselves in the bold and lively energy of contemporary living. This amalgamation of heritage and present day makes for an intriguing and fascinating visit that is certain to leave travellers with warm memories for several years.

Havana is a city of soul and this is uncovered on a trip along the Malecón, an 8km stretch of sea road that allows tourists to inhale Cuban culture at its best.


For travellers who are keen to experience the liveliness and drama of Cuban nightlife, Havana’s Tropicana nightclub is an absolute must. The club has been an institution since the 1930s and along with fantastic entertainment, delicious cocktails and an embracing atmosphere, the service is friendly and the clientele are committed to having a good time.

Alternatively, Los Nardos is one of Cuba’s most divine restaurants and calls for night owls to enjoy some local dishes in an open and welcoming area. Although the front of the restaurant is easily missed, the food and service inside are striking and not easily forgotten!

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