Discover Dover Castle

The Medieval Castle of Dover lies proudly in Kent and has been regularly referred to as the ‘key to England’. The castle has proved to be one of the most significant defensive sites of the country throughout its history and it one of the UK’s most loved tourist destinations.

Costumed actors line the castle interiors and are ready to offer assistance on historical questions and discuss social attitudes throughout the ages. Various sections of the castle are open for guided tours (including the maritime tunnels) and other areas are self-guided, giving visitors the freedom and flexibility to focus on particular areas of interest at leisure.

The castle proudly boasts over 80 acres of stunning gardens and the site welcomes children and games in outdoor spaces. The gardens are littered with military artefacts and exploring this space is as fascinating as it is inspiring.


Founded in the 11th century, Dover Castle is the largest castle in England. The site is recognised as a Scheduled Monument which signifies its importance to the United Kingdom. Dover Castle is a protected archaeological site and proves to be one of the country’s most loved historical areas, rich in heritage from centuries gone by.

In 1180, King Henry II remodelled the castle to include the great tower as an entertainment location for elite guests. The tower is three floors high, with the top floor housing the king’s personal apartments. King John later completed the defensive walls of the castle in the 13th century, creating a further impressive and looming site for the British coast.

What to see

Owned by the English Heritage, Dover Castle is a wealth of mystery and drama, including secret tunnels and wartime myths. The castle is also home to the Princess of Wales’ Royal Regiment Museum. This offers visitors the unique opportunity to explore the regiment’s history, including photographs, weaponry, artwork and medals.

Guests to Dover castle are offered a wealth of facilities and entertainment. With freshly prepared meals and snacks available from the NAAFI restaurant and the Great Tower Cafe, visitors can readily break for lunch.

The site even welcomes dogs on leads throughout the grounds.It really is a fun day out for all!

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