Discover Maltese Wine

Malta has a wine industry that is only now beginning to flourish. In the past few years, several major wine houses have invested money in Malta’s vineyards. A few French master vintners have moved to the island to lend their skills to the tiny vineyards that Malta has right now.

Located just south of Sicily, Malta, and its sister island, Gozo, have less than 2,000 acres under vines. Even Japan makes more wine than Malta. There are not very many bottles exported. In fact, the Maltese drink most of their own wines.

Many of the wines on our list are not yet available off the islands, but they are worth the trip. Keep an eye on your local wine vendor’s shelves. There will likely be a rapid increase in Maltese wines available in the very near future.

La Croce by Camilleri Wines - La Croce not too long ago extended their range to include a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and a Syrah. Apart from introducing the new wines, Camilleri Wines have also rebranded the whole range of La Croce wines with newly designed labels.

Laurenti by Camilleri Wines - A Merlot-Cab mix that brings fruity flavours with a pleasant tannic bite.

Tal-Latini by Ta’Mena Wines – This Merlot-Cabernet Sauvignon mix is a heavy, sweet wine with large, fruity flavours.

La Torre from Marsovin – Features plum flavours and a bit of an acidic taste. There are hints of cherry and coffee. They also have a modest selection of other wines.

Medina by Delicata – This is a woody red wine that delivers a nice taste for the price.

Victoria Heights – is a crisp red wine with big grape tastes. It has a smooth finish and a nice bouquet.

Montekristo by Montekristo – Smokey in flavour with a blackberry and tobacco taste, Montekristo is a complex merlot.

1551 from La Mena Wines – 1551 is a merlot-cabernet Franc and is a superior Maltese wine. Very intensely red with a dark, heavy flavour, this is a great drinking wine, perfect with a steak or cheeses.

Caravaggio by Marsovin – With a fruity taste and dry mouth feel, this is a very nice wine that can be had for only a few pounds.

Marenzio by Dellicata – A merlot with a bit of a sour finish, this is nice wine to pair with a buttery sauce.

Palatino by Camilleri Wines – One of the few Maltese wines with a screw-top, this is a nice fruity merlot with a smooth, clean aftertaste. Also check out the Sauvignon Blanc and the Viognier.

These are most of the Maltese wines that are currently available, but it seems very likely that there will be many more in the future. Malta is an undiscovered country for wines, but with the quality assistance that native vintners are receiving from the Continent, it is assured that the quality will continue to rise.

Maltese wines are a great value for the money, so take the time to check out the bottles that are on the shelves and enjoy.

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