Discover Mount Etna & Taormina

Mount Etna is an active volcano which also boasts the title of Europe’s highest active volcano. The location attracts thousands of visitors each year and is considered to be Sicily’s greatest natural tourist attraction. With a rich history of dramatic eruptions and undeniably exquisite views, the area surrounding Mount Etna offers a superb destination for holidaymakers of all types.

Mount Etna is an exceptional location for the active traveller as there are a host of energetic activities in the area. Whether exploring the craters of the volcano, skiing or boarding the snow covered slopes in winter or biking and hiking the area in more welcoming months, Mount Etna is not the most hostile of volcanoes.

For tourists looking for a more relaxing visit, the area is home to a wonderful vineyard and locally produced wines are proudly offered throughout the region. The beauty and history of the area were recognised in 2013 by UNESCO, when Mount Etna was certified as a World Heritage Site.

What to do

The area proudly boasts her beautiful volcano and scenic train rides allows guests to view the stunning scenery from a variety of angles. Trekking through lava fields, this traditional narrow-gauge train almost circles the volcano and is a must-do activity for travellers with children.

The entire one-way trip takes around 3.5 hours, though the sights and opportunity will be remembered for years to come.

The area surrounding Mount Etna is awash with small villages and towns, each boasting a proud and fascinating history. Tourists can immerse themselves in stories of eruptions and tales of artefacts found covered in lava. Medieval history is all around and locals often jump at the chance to share their tales.

The multiple areas around the volcano are rich in heritage and warm in their welcomes. There are a variety of traditional and independent eateries in each village and travellers will feel truly embraced by Italian culture and tradition.


For those visiting Mount Etna, Sicily’s most popular tourist destination, Taormina, is ready to welcome you for your stay.

Included in the European aristocratic Grand Tour, Taormina has been highlighted as one of the most desirable destinations of Italy and is still considered to be a favourite worldwide destination for thousands.

A must-see are the impressive remains of a Roman Theatre, which is still used today for outdoor theatre performances. The Ancient theatre is one of the most celebrated ruins in Sicily because of its remarkable preservation and its beautiful location.

The town is also home to small side streets, unimposing yet beautiful architecture, dainty cafes, atmospheric bars and breathtaking views.

Several of the area’s medieval buildings have been restored and this enables the town to encapsulate heritage and contemporary design. With an abundance of hotels, eateries, bars and entertainment, it is impossible to find a fault with Taormina as a holiday destination.

What makes Taormina so beautiful is its charm but also that it situated on top of a hill itself, meaning that views everywhere are stunning with beautiful vistas of the coast, the sea and of course grumpy old Etna in the distance giving off a bit of smoke from time to time.

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