Discover St Petersburg

St Petersburg was once nothing short of desolate land but has risen to be one of the world’s most recognisable and grand cities.

The awesome architecture, captivating colours and exciting entertainment leads St Petersburg to be one of the most enthralling and inspiring cities of the world. With a rich and elaborate history of Tsars, battles and architecture, St Petersburg is sure to be one of the most memorable destinations that any tourist will visit.

Things to do in St Petersburg

St Petersburg is an exceptional destination for any tourist who has an interest in history. The city has outstanding sites to commemorate the history of the Tsars, revolution, military and buildings. The city epitomises its imperial heritage and in many ways, mirrors its life from centuries gone by.

Some of the most interesting activities in the city include:

The Russian Museum

The Russian Museum is a pinnacle attraction for St Petersburg visitors. The museum is home to the country’s largest collection of fine art and also boasts a stunning garden. The ever revolving exhibitions prove to entertain and stun guests, who are in awe of the history, aesthetics and originality of artefacts and displays.

The Church of the Resurrection of Christ

This five domed church is often referred to as Church on the Spilled Blood. The outstanding building is striking and synonymous with worldwide images of St Petersburg. It took 24 years to complete the build of this remarkable church and it is no wonder considering the church is covered in over 7,000 square metres of mosaics.

Peter and Paul Fortress

An excellent attraction for visitors. The cathedral housed inside the fortress is the resting place of the Romanovs and is considered to be the heart of the developed city of St Petersburg.

Once a prison, the building is an amalgamation of secure industry and splendid grandeur. The top of the fortress lends itself to being the perfect place for exceptional views across the city.

The Upside Down House

One of St Petersburg’s newest and most entertaining attractions is the upside-down home. The attraction is an apartment where all contents are upside down, in effect this means that visitors feel like they are walking along the ceiling of the apartment and viewing the kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedrooms, viewing everything upside down.

This is a fun and original attraction that is sure to fascinate children of all ages.St Petersburg also offers water-lovers a chance to enjoy some time of the River Moyka. A boat trip along the river offers excellent views of the city and can stop off, letting passengers to disembark at various stops to enjoy additional sites and new attractions.

Where to stay in St Petersburg

St Petersburg is home to some of the world’s most impressive and luxurious hotels in the world. The city has a multitude of accommodation offerings and for those whose budget does not stretch to the famous opulence of the area, there is an extensive range of low cost options.

St Petersburg offers an array of self-service apartments and this proves to be a cost effective way for those on a budget to stay in the heart of the centre. For those who want to experience luxury, hotels such as the Trezzini Palace Hotel and the State Hermitage Museum Official Hotel offer grandeur and elegance. Families can enjoy stays in hotels such as Alexander House, which has a warm welcome and homely atmosphere.

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