Discover The Manchester Christmas Markets

The nights have drawn in and the woolens are coming out. We’re no longer overly concerned with ab crunches and skin scrubs – it must be winter! What says winter more than Christmas shopping and delicious foods and warming drinks?

It’s Christmas market time. Beginning in November and running through to 21st December, it’s time for the Manchester Christmas Markets, which are an entertaining, fascinating and festive attraction for tourists and locals alike. Recently voted the 8th best Christmas Market in the World, Manchester's long running Christmas Markets have certainly grown massively over the last decade.

For those who don’t fancy venturing across the channel to explore Europe’s offerings, let Europe come to you with one of the entertaining and fascinating European Christmas markets. Manchester plays host to a variety of Christmas markets, including several from European traders. Some of the markets are award winning and UK nationals travel annually to embrace the atmosphere, stock, cheer and festive feel of the stalls.

What's there?

Selling gifts and goods ranging from toys to decorations, sweets to meats, clothes to soaps and all in between, the Christmas market guarantees to offer unique ideas for presents and desirable trinkets to treat yourself to. After purchasing some pieces, it is a must to indulge in some tasty goods.

A mulled wine and sweet pastry are a favourite, though more traditional offerings such as garlic sautéed mushrooms, a variety of wurst, frites and schnitzel are sure to be mouthwatering considerations.

Try German fried potatoes with treacle syrup for a unique indulgence and pretzels are a safe bet for all.

Opening times

Most markets are open daily from 9am and run through until the evening. Often bursting at the seams, the markets attract a host of visitors of all ages. Often, the stalls are accompanied by street entertainers and music and scents will evoke Christmas feelings for all.

There are markets throughout the city centre of Manchester and they are spaced approximately a quarter of a mile from each other. Some are traditionally British and others are German or other European traders. Below is a list of the locations for 2019 Christmas Markets throughout Manchester as sourced from Manchester City Council. Maps will be available to download from the site.

  • Albert Square

  • Brazennose Street

  • King Street

  • Ann’s Square

  • Exchange Street

  • Market Street

  • New Cathedral Street

  • Exchange Square

  • Corn Exchange

  • Cathedral Gardens

At night, the market stalls are lit up and the scene is nothing short of breathtaking. Like something fresh from a Christmas card, the location is as Christmassy as is possible and visitors are guaranteed to be excited by the view.

The Manchester German Christmas market has been voted and named as the best in the UK, deemed so for it’s entertainment, varying stock and location. The offerings continue to impress visitors and traders guarantee to offer joviality, cheer and goodwill to all.

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