Discover The Old Dubai

Old Dubai is predominantly split into two parts: Deira and Bur Dubai, separated by the Dubai Creek. Bur Dubai is located on the western side of the creek and Deira to the north. Both are destinations that ought to be visited by any tourist to the country and both offer a wealth of excellent things to see and do.


Deira is the commercial centre of Dubai, with a vast history of trade and commerce. The creek was used for transportation of goods in years gone by. Although the area appears to be bustling and modern, tourists are able to find a wealth of tradition in the back streets of this part of Dubai, with traditional practices, food and interactions taking place daily.

Deira offers tourists an excellent opportunity to shop, with a wide variety of markets, souks and city stores. This part of Dubai is an excellent area for buying gold, spices and furniture. In fact, Deira is home to Dubai’s only Ikea, for those looking to a taste of Western retail therapy.

Bur Dubai

Bur Dubai literally translates to ‘mainland Dubai’ and is home to the Grand Mosque and Ruler’s Court. Although Dubai is a majority muslim country, Bur Dubai is also home to the country’s only Hindu temple. Other sights in this area include the Dubai Museum (pictured top of the page), a wide variety of restaurants and small malls.

Tourists are welcome in both parts of the city, though Bur Dubai is more reminiscent of Western life, with its wider roads, chain shops and wider variety of eateries. That said, the Deira skyline offers an impressive collection of tall office buildings and commercial architecture similar to that of American coastal cities.

Both areas have an abundance of tradition that may not be readily visible, but is easily sought out.

What to do

Old Dubai offers a wide variety of things to do and can often cost less when compared to activity prices in Europe. It is also home to an impressive art scene and tourists are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to marvel at a variety of pieces in areas including Bastakiya and Al Quoz.

Old Dubai is also arguably the best art of the city for classical, traditional dining. With an excellent array of restaurants and side street eateries, tourists will be spoilt for choice when it comes to cuisine. Old Dubai is also home to a multitude of celebrity chef restaurants and is considered to be one of the most fashionable areas of the city.

Old Dubai offers a bustling nightlife for tourists, which is in contrast to the business-like appearance that surrounds them. In the side streets of this part of the city, guests will find a variety of bars and dancefloors that reflect years gone by. The area is often referred to as busy, safe and eclectic – a reflection of the variety on offer.

Entertainment is by no means limited to daylight hours. The hotel offers an exceptional and varied nighttime offering. With traditional Maldivian music and dance through to meditation and cocktail lessons, the Conrad Hotel aims to engage guests in an abundance of entertaining pastimes, irrespective of the time of day.

Children are also more than welcome at the resort. The Majaa Kids’ Club guarantees to engage children throughout the day with a host of activities. With highly trained and specialised staff, parents can rest assured that the little ones are experiencing the best of the hotel with age appropriate entertainment.

Getting Around

Of course, being so close to the creek, it is important that tourist take advantage of the water. Water taxis, boat trips and floating eateries are all available. With historical sailing methods and curious water vehicles, the creek offers some unique opportunities to cross from one part of the city to another.

The cost of such a trip is usually no more than pence and the short journeys allows for some exceptional views of the city from a variety of angles.

The Maldives has long been considered as a prime destination and dream location for tourists throughout the world. The Conrad Hotel takes this vision one step further and offers the highest standards of opulence in the most exquisite of settings.

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