Discover Vietnam

Arguable most famous for its military history, Vietnam is a compelling destination that is as beautiful as it is engaging. The scenery of the country is mesmerising and the people are a welcoming and enthusiastic nation.

Vietnam is becoming an increasingly popular destination for world travellers and tourists who seek out a unique and revitalising holiday. The senses are all invigorated in Vietnam, a country of colour, emotion and exceptional entertainment options.

What to do

Some of the most original and captivating activities are possible in Vietnam. From exploring the caves of Phong Nha-Ke National Park to engaging in tours that lead guests through some of the monumental areas of the Vietnamese war, the country has a pastime to suit all tastes and interests.

Of course, the beaches are spectacular and lazing in the warm sun whilst being served drinks from one of the many beach huts is the most wonderful way to relax. The pace of Vietnam is rejuvenating and reflection over the country’s history and atmosphere is guaranteed to lead any traveller to falling deeper in love with this Asian gem.

Some of the country’s highlights include Municipal Beach, a coconut tree lined beach that has the most stunning sand and scenery. Dotted with luxury hotels and rich in boats and water activities, this area is a hub of activity whilst not compromising peace.

The Notre Dame Cathedral is an exquisite building that boasts two 40m high towers and stain glass. The staff at the Cathedral speak English and welcome the opportunity to provide tours and information to visitors. For visitors who have an interest in Vietnamese military history, the Dien Phu Museum is an attraction that commemorates the 1954 battle. The museum homes documents, statutes and weaponry exhibitions, most with English translations.

For visitors who really hope to immerse themselves in Vietnamese tradition and culture, a pre arrange tour of the country’s villages can extend further to meeting a hill tribe. Exploring the highlands of Vietnam can allow tourists to interact with remote tribes, whilst shopping in one of their hillside markets and observing their life and family relationships.


Food in Vietnam is varied, diverse and full of taste sensations. Local dishes have heat but are not overpowering and enjoying locally produced ingredients is guaranteed. Whether dining in a fine restaurant or enjoying the offerings of a street food vendor, Vietnam promises to give a culinary experience like none before.

Tourists who are keen to learn the cookery skills of the nation can engage in a culinary class – predominantly found in Hoi An. The food of Vietnam is an infusion of Thai and Chinese tastes, though explored in different ways, lending their dishes to appear similar to those of neighbouring countries but tasting altogether different.


Accommodation offerings in Vietnam are beautifully versatile. Tourists who hope to receive the highest levels of luxury will not be disappointed with some of Vietnam’s award winning hotels. At the same time, the country is home to numerous hostels and beach huts, allowing travellers on a limited budget to rest their head in a simple but safe area.

The Vietnamese people are a warm, engaging and bright nation who welcome the opportunity to proudly display the highlights of their beautiful country. Any visit to Vietnam will lead travellers to ponder how much destruction and misery could have been brought to such a utopian place.

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