Discover Zermatt Switzerland

Any snow lover is sure to adore a holiday in Zermatt, Switzerland. The Alps setting, the varied ability catering pistes and stunning hiking trails make this area one of Europe’s most attractive and enticing winter escapes. Zermatt attracts visitors from across the globe and never fails to impress and please all, and that is why our Destination of the Week is Zermatt, Switzerland!

Skiing in Zermatt

Zermatt is a skier and snowboarder’s paradise, with slopes to attract all abilities and ages. The welcome in the area is second to none and the Swiss locals know how to ensure that all guests are made to feel at home. This alpine destination offers tourists the chance to ski and board in some of the world’s most beautiful pistes, whilst also encouraging guests to take a mountain hike or enjoy the village’s outdoor ice rink.

There are black pistes throughout Zermatt and so skiers and boarders who enjoy a hard run will be spoilt for choice for routes. Children are also well catered for with numerous schools and entertainment options. Families can enjoy sledging and tobogganing within view of the Matterhorn.

Winter Sports In Zermatt

Zermatt is home to a wide variety of winter sports and tourists are encouraged to participate, both as players and spectators. The locals of the area are passionate about an array of sports such as ice hockey, ice skating, ice climbing and Scottish and Bavarian curling.

This means that visitors to the area can enjoy a day on the slopes, followed by a variety of active evening or daytime activities.

Accommodation In Zermatt

Zermatt is home to a number of traditional, warm and trendy lodgings that welcome guests of all ages. For those who prefer greater privacy, there are several chalets and lodges available for hire. The one below is the one we would choose!

Zermatt accommodation is often highlighted as being amongst the best in the world and certainly in the top listings for snow destinations. Many of the hotels are regular recipients of awards and receive some of the most impressive reviews on travel sites.

For those who would like to embrace the opportunity to relax and rejuvenate following a busy and active day, Zermatt also hosts world class spas. All of these offerings fall into the backdrop of a picturesque location, which would not be out of place on any Christmas card.

Eating In Zermatt

For a small Swiss village, Zermatt is an exciting destination for culinary exploration. Zermatt is a gastronomic adventure and there is a wide variety of eateries in the area. Guests can also make use of the opportunity to cook with some of the local chefs who run culinary schools and taster menus.

Nightlife In Zermatt

For those who aren’t thoroughly worn out from their daytime winter excursions and adventures, Zermatt offers energetic and lively nightlife options. Locals and tourists from across the world embrace the opportunity to dance, chat and drink with each other and this makes for a wonderful atmosphere.

With over 60 bars and numerous clubs, guests have ample options of places to visit in the dark hours. All tastes are catered for and music styles vary throughout the establishments. Zermatt has traditional pubs and wooden drinking lodges, or lively discos and high tempo clubs through to ice bars and wine lounges. The variation during the evening is as extensive as daytime activities and equally as exciting and memorable.

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