Don't Compare Your Offline Life

Don't Compare Your Offline Life To People's Online Lives

Social media can be a great place to visit, a way to keep up with friends and family, as well as a supportive platform to promote your business and follow market trends.

But, do other people's lives look so much more exciting than yours?

People out to dinner again when you've got Spaghetti Bolognese in front of the telly?

And what about all those successful entrepreneurs, with their amazing beachfront homes and fancy cars?

You will never live those lives.

Because, none of it’s really real.

Social media shows the highlights of people’s lives, the bits they want the public to see, while concealing their own day-to-day life. You're only seeing the bits people want you to see.

How do you know your friend is out again? Maybe those pictures are old and they, like you, have dinner on their laps in front of the TV most nights.

And as for that entrepreneur, the house, car, and clothes may even be hired for the photoshoot, because their own house is covered in kids’ toys, piles of paper, and has books and clothes everywhere. Like yours.

Social media is the glossy magazine of everyone’s lives.

Don’t compare your everyday life with other’s special occasions.

We are all human – but like to put on a brave face for the camera.