Easy & Simple Time Saving Gardening Tips

Your garden is your little piece of outdoor serenity. You spend hours ambling around in it, weeding, planting, feeding, pruning – but how much time do you actually get to enjoy it? Wouldn’t it be nice to spend more time lying back in the deckchair enjoying the fruits of your labour? Here are some great time saving gardening tips.

If you’re wanting to shave some time off your gardening and get more time actually enjoying it, then these top tips are for you:

Change Your Perspective

The first thing you need to do is adopt a bit of a ‘minimalist’ mindset when it comes to gardening. Some of the top gardeners in the country will admit that gardening can be made out to be rather a lot more complicated than it actually is.

Of course if you’re looking to win prizes for your produce or rose bushes, these tips really aren’t for you.

But if you’re like most of us, looking to grow some decent produce for yourself, and a few pretty flowers to admire, then it really is time to simplify and rid yourself of gardening activities that are truly surplus to requirements.

Choose Plants That Match Your Climate

Just because a plant is sold at your local garden centre, does not mean it will thrive in your climate. Buying plants that simply won’t survive in your weather ‘zone’ truly is a waste of time and money, so do your research before buying to make sure your garden has the kind of weather that will keep the plant alive and well.

Don't Just Shrub It Off

Shrubs will cost you more upfront but they are an investment and take up a good amount of space whilst requiring minimal maintenance. They don’t need watering much and attract lots of lovely wildlife as well.

Invest In Perennials

Why have plants that only last a week or two, or perhaps one season, if you can have plants that keep on giving year after year? Wherever you can, plant a perennial whether that’s on your vegetable patch or elsewhere.

They tend to require minimal maintenance whilst giving you rewards over and over again.

Don’t Give Up On Plants You Think Are Past It

Lots of people make the mistake of giving up on plants they think have had it, when actually they have still got a lot left to give. Sometimes plants that appear to be past their best simply need cutting back quite aggressively, which in turn encourages them to have a new lease of life.

So next time you think a plant is past it, give it a good cut back and see what happens, you might be surprised at the enthusiasm in which it miraculously rises from the dead.

Stop Digging Around

It’s easy to spend a lot of excess time digging when there really isn’t any need to. Rather than leaving unused ground open during the months you’re not growing, simply place a sheet of cardboard and layer of good quality mulch on top and leave it until next season.

You won’t get any weeds growing and it’ll be fertile and ready to receive. Over-digging your garden will not only waste your time and give you backache, but it can actually harm your garden.

Let Your Plants Spread Their Seeds

This is especially useful if you’re having trouble germinating seeds. Simply allow a few plants you want seedlings from to remain in the ground over Winter, allowing them to flower and produce their own seeds.

When they are producing seeds, simply shake them onto the soil around them and you will get some healthy seedlings popping up within a couple of weeks. Nature has taken its course, and you’ve saved a lot of time and effort.

Save The Spring Clean For The Spare Room

You’ve no need to be all about the marigold gloves in your garden. Many people spend lots of time cleaning pots, trays and various other bits and bobs simply because they think it’s good practise. However, unless you’ve had an insect issue or plant disease, there’s actually no need at all to spend time meticulously cleaning these items.

Just give them a bit of a shake and store them.So remember, for every gardening job you do, there is probably a way to do it for easier, for less time or not at all. Simplify your gardening processes for more time enjoying your very own outdoor haven.

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