Eco Friendly Gardening Tips

The world has finally come around to loving the planet, and with that comes a few easy lifestyle changes to show a little love to the environment.

You can be forgiven for thinking that your garden is already an eco friendly place, after all, it’s growing plants right? Wrong. There are still plenty of ways you can be harming the planet in your own back yard. You do still need to show just as much environmental care in your garden as you do in your home.

Need some eco friendly gardening tips? Here we go:

Nature Knows Best

Avoid pesticides, weed killers and any chemical concoctions when it comes to caring for your garden. Avoid the poisons and opt for all natural products where possible. Use peat-free compost, learn about companion planting to naturally ward off disease and insects, and consider inviting in some useful garden critters to ward off unwanted ones.

You’re basically looking at creating your own natural ecosystem in your own back-yard. With a little research and effort it’s a very rewarding thing to do. Knowing your garden is a constant cycle of completely natural cycles is truly planet friendly.

Make Compost And Plant Food From Kitchen Leftovers

Invest in a compost bin and put your vegetable and garden waste in it. You could also get the process working faster by popping a few friendly earthworms in there as well. Adding homemade compost to your soil will add nutrients to it, improving soil texture and water retention which your plants will love.

With plant food, look at using all natural items like banana skins (great for roses!), seaweed and coffee grounds. Most natural plant foods are kitchen waste or free if you know where to look – great for the planet, your garden and your wallet!

Try To Upcycle Or Buy Recycled Products

Look at investing in eco-friendly planters and pots and planters made from recycled materials. It takes a look of resources and energy to make something from virgin materials, so the more recycling you can do the better.

If you’ve already got some kit but you think it needs freshening up, consider upcycling it rather than throwing it away. There are tons of amazing blogs and websites dedicated to inspirational upcycling ideas – get involved and have a crafty afternoon!

Grow Your Own

Organic produce is most definitely the best for you, but it can be pretty expensive to buy. Why not make the most of the space you’ve got and grow your own? You can grow vegetables and herbs on window sills, attach raised planters to walls, and even grow gardens on rooftops now.

You simply need to think of all the space you have as growing space, then figure out how best to use the space to your advantage. If you are successfully growing your own and find you’re growing surplus to requirements, consider looking into a vegetable swapping scheme where you can swap your surplus veg with someone else happy to receive it in return for giving you some of their surplus veg – it’s a win win.

Catch The Rainwater

Rain barrels don’t cost much at all and require no effort to work. All you need to do is let them catch mineral rich, chlorine free water when it falls from the sky (not difficult in England!).

You will save money on watering bills and add another ‘eco-cycle’ to your wonderful green garden.

Invite The Insects In

Of course we don’t mean the nasty ones that eat our beautiful blooms and veggies, we mean the pollinators that are vital to our survival as a species.

Grow lots of native flowers they will be attracted to and be happy at the fact you’re helping fight a bee-loss epidemic in your own back yard.

It's Easy Being Green

It is easy being green when you do a little research and become that bit more aware of your current gardening habits and how easily they can be switched to environmentally friendly ones.

Enjoy playing your part in creating a better world for tomorrow.

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