Europe on a Budget – Some of the Less Expensive City Breaks

The introduction and development of low cost airlines has allowed a greater number of people to travel and for experienced travellers to take even more trips. UK residents are in a prime position to access the delights of Europe with ease and without the need to break the bank. The following guide provides examples of some of the best city breaks for travelling Europe on a budget.


One of Germany’s most famous cities, flights to Düsseldorf are very cheap from London and fly regularly each day. The city has an international airport and also an ex-RAF base airport that caters to low-cost lines, Düsseldorf Weeze.

Accommodation in Düsseldorf varies greatly in price but for those on a budget, this city offers a wealth of low cost hotels and incredibly cheap hostels. Expect to meet a variety of international travellers here as Düsseldorf is an excellent stop for those looking to explore Western Europe or those travelling through to South Germany for snow covered mountains.

The city is an eclectic mix of low cost independent shops and eateries and high end designer boutiques. Food and drink are available to suit all budgets and there are a variety of supermarkets and newsagents that can provide snacks and drinks to fuel a busy day of exploring exceptional architecture and thorough German-ness.


Save on travel costs and stay closer to home with a trip to our beautiful and varied capital, London. With exceptional rail connections throughout the country and the ability to benefit from a National Express trip into the centre of the city, London is easily accessible to all.

The city is an un-mirrored mix of styles, ethnicities, sights and budgets. Visitors to London are able to marvel at Buckingham Palace, the Houses of Parliament and wander down Oxford Street to enjoy lunch in a traditional low cost pub.Visitors to the city ought not be surprised to see a famous person on the tube or meandering towards them as they make their way to an inexpensive hostel after a day of marvelling at the Crown Jewels. This really is a city where budget does not dictate enjoyability.

London boasts a multitude of free activities, including: The Imperial War Museum, The British Museum, The Victoria & Albert Museum and Tate Modern. Those with some disposable spends can take advantage of the plethora of specialised markets dotted throughout the city and grab a bargain vintage piece or contemporary souvenir.


An absolute highlight for many travellers, Rome is an exceptional city that offers a wealth of possibilities. Return flights to this geographical gem can be bought for less than £100 and this sum will remain one of the best investments that any traveller will make.

It’s true to say that some of the most popular attractions in Rome are relatively expensive. A trip to to Colosseum or the Vatican can cost in excess of £30, but pre-buying will avoid additional costs and often mean that queues can be avoided.

Food in Rome is incredibly cheap if so desired. Visitors are able to pick up slices of pizza (‘pizza’ is actually the plural and so we should say ‘pizze’) for a couple of euro and one slice is substantial enough to be considered a meal for many. Gelato in Rome is sublime and again, very inexpensive.

Don’t be surprised when you find yourself sipping red wine at midday – the coffees are incredible but who can refuse such high quality inexpensive vino.


Finally, let’s travel slightly further afield and head to Eastern Europe – Gdansk in Poland. This city attracts several visitors who know very little about the area before they travel but are attracted by the incredibly cheap flights and costs for food and drink.

Gdansk is a large market town that boasts fascinating architecture, a friendly welcome and the potential to sample Polish lifestyle and cuisine at a very low cost. Gdansk offers visitors a wealth of history and encourages guests to consider Polish struggles throughout the decades. The European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk is a mammoth multimedia exhibition that leads visitors through a journey of the country’s history.

With hostels from as little as £5.00 per night, Gdansk offers an exceptional opportunity to take a trip that really allows an individual to feel that they have travelled.

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