Exciting Places for 2018

For anybody seeking inspiration on places to visit in 2018, look no further. This guide provides ideas of 6 destinations that are sure to bring fun, frolics, relaxation and enjoyment to travellers of all ages and preferences.

These places for 2018 have been chosen for their entertainment offerings, natural beauty, breathtaking sights & their potential for memorable experience.

1. Adelaide, Australia

With more and more tourists, visiting Adelaide than ever before, visitors are to be immersed in a rich variety of culture and traditions. Add to that its mouth-watering food and thirst quenching wine and its curious wildlife and accessibility. Winos in particular need to make sure to visit the Barossa Valley, Mclaren Vale, Clare Valley and the Adelaide Hills. That's right you can stay in this exciting, lively city and enjoy urban life, but 20 minutes later you could be exploring some amazing landscapes, such as miles of flourishing vineyards.

Furthermore, Adelaide has a wealth of trendy bars and eateries, making it an exceptional city for nightlife. With discussions continuing to introduce direct flights to Adelaide from America and China, this city is due to become one of the world’s most loved destinations.

2. Borneo, Indonesia/Malaysia

Borneo is a stunning destination at any time, but with massive investments into the new coastal town of Bintulu, there’s a new part that needs to be explored. Borneo is a superb destination for wildlife enthusiasts and is the ideal place to visit to embrace relaxation and adventure.

The island can be more readily explored through the developed railway, enabling visitors to enjoy parts of Borneo that have been hidden previously.

3. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro played host to the 2016 Summer Olympics and as such, the city is sure to be alive with carnival festivities and sporting enthusiasm even now.

This lively destination is a mass of colour, music and movement at any time, but being in the spotlight of a worldwide event breathes even more life into this stunning destination. For a lively, embracing and memorable trip, Rio de Janeiro guarantees to deliver.

4. Guatemala

Guatemala has been witness to great political changes in the last year and as such, restrictions on travel have been significantly reduced. Adventure seekers can embrace the opportunity to travel throughout the country and explore areas that have not welcomed tourists for several decades.

Visitors can stay in the Good Hotel which will open in July and promises to reinvest all profits back into the community. Guatemala proudly boasts Mayan history whilst embracing an exciting future. This country has emerged as a welcoming and enticing destination and promises its rebirth will envelop guests in fun, fascination and warmth.

5. Tokyo, Japan

Having suffered a failing tourism industry since the 2011 tsunami, Japan’s government have invested greatly in boosting this field. This has led to redeveloped hotels, exceptional attraction possibilities and reduced travel costs.

2018 is sure to be an ideal time to visit one of the world’s previously more expensive destinations. Tokyo is due to host the 2020 Olympics and as such is a city of development and potential. This means that tourist can benefit from increased grandeur without paying the inflated prices that are sure to come.

6. Marrakech, Morocco

Recently acknowledged as the top destination of 2015, Marrakech promises to be an exciting city for travellers of all ages and tastes. The city is an amalgamation of history and contemporary offerings and the chaos of the centre is appeased by the relaxation of the sublime hotel offerings.

Tourists can enjoy lazy days by the pool or exciting desert 4×4 adventures. Marrakech promises to send tourists home fully rejuvenated and inspired to visit again.

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