Find Some Winter Sun

The British summer seemed to come and go while most of us were sleeping and for those looking to up their vitamin D levels and introduce their skin to some rays, escaping the country for some winter sun may be ideal. Of course, the British Isles is home to some wonderful destinations, but in search of warmth and sunshine, the following places make up some wonderful winter destination countries.


A firm favourite with many Brits looking to escape the cold weather at home, Spain has a variety of offerings for those seeking winter sun. Tapas, sandy beaches, friendly bars and less busy than the summer season, Spain offers winter tourists the chance to relax in the warm temperatures with an even warmer welcome.

The Canary Islands offer the best chances for sun and heat and offer the further benefit of being geared towards tourists. This means that visitors in winter months are equally as well catered for as those in the summer.

Many hotels offer reduced rates for accommodation and meals and several bars offer enhanced entertainment by way of securing trade in the winter months.For those who prefer to stay on the mainland, the Spanish cities offer an exceptional chance to enjoy shopping, spa treatments and quieter attractions without compromising the service levels in hotels and eateries.


Thailand is the preferred winter destination of tourists from across the globe. They embrace the opportunity to enjoy golden sands, excellent heat and long sunshine hours each day. Thailand is a culturally rich country that offers a host of attractions and sights.

A winter holiday to the southern islands of the country will guarantee to be a fascinating, relaxing and an enjoyable break. Whether tourists decide to spend their days bathing on the perfectly manicured beaches or elephant trekking in the jungle, they are guaranteed to be spoilt for choice on what to eat each night.

With worldwide cuisine available at every turn, Thailand is home to some of the most superb eating possibilities. Street food is a must in this country and locals are pleased to introduce guests to Thai delicacies.


India is a diverse and spiritual country, full of colour, history and contemporary design. This country is full of contradictions and century old rituals. It is nigh on impossible to be bored in India, with eclectic entertainment possibilities available in endless numbers.

Tourists to India can indulge in yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic therapies and local motivational classes or opt for watersports, helicopter tours, ocean swimming or boat excursions. This country has a past time to entertain all and at a nominal cost, compared to UK prices, India offers visitors the chance to try new sports or activities with ease.


The Caribbean is a top choice for several Brits seeking winter sun. The variety of Caribbean destinations allow tourists to the area to discover a wealth of vibrant cultures, enjoy excellent new tastes from local dishes and be embraced by a variety of entertainment options.

The sun is warm, the beaches are divine and the people are keen to encourage their guests to adopt a laid-back approach and slow their pace for their visit. Those seeking activity can enjoy a variety of watersports or excursions and night fishing allows those with sealegs to enjoy some Caribbean tradition and fabulous food.


Unsurprisingly, as a predominantly Christian country, Italy truly knows how to celebrate Christmas. With milder, yet warm weather in the South of Italy, there is still plenty of chance to enjoy some winter sun, whilst benefitting from non-excessive heat, traditional festivities and excellent food.

Some of Italy’s most tempting destinations for winter sun involves the southern Lakes, such as Maggiore. The warm temperatures, laid back atmosphere and sublime restaurants lend themselves beautifully to a relaxing winter break.

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