Fjord Holidays

The Norwegian Fjord holidays prove to be a destination of choice for those seeking memories, adventure, experiences and sights that are truly breathtaking. A fjord is created when a glacier retreats after carving a valley and the sea fills with the valley floor.

The beautiful deep Fjords travel through the awesome Norwegian mountains and whether you opt to cruise or stay on land, this is sure to be a holiday of sublime sightseeing and remarkable relaxation.

Norwegian escapes

There are many destinations across the globe that evoke somewhat stereotypical images of national scenes. A Norwegian Fjord holiday is likely to do exactly that. With wooden homes set at the foot of imposing mountains and crystal clear waters of the Fjords, this is a magical area that marries blue skies and dramatic landscapes.

Many of these plants cannot be grown in any other part of Britain and so this attraction proves to be an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a rare treat.

Some on the Fjords, including the Geirangerfjord, are found on the UNESCO World Heritage list and the fairytale setting automatically explains why. Encompassed by lush greenery, peaceful wilderness and snow capped mountains, this is a destination that enthusiastically demands escapism from all of its visitors.

For adventures

The Sognefjord is the longest of the fjords and often referred to as the King of the Fjords. Here, visitors can enjoy hearty hikes in the cliffs of southern Norway or enjoy exhilarating excursions on the water.

This is a chosen area for families and energetic travellers who enjoy active breaks with unique views. The area caters for all ages and abilities and locals will be keen to recommend activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family safely.

Villages & Towns

The villages and towns that line the Fjords are as welcoming and stunning as their backdrop. With artists flocking to the area for inspiration on an annual basis, the villages prove to be as much an attraction as the Fjords themselves.

Some of the most popular areas to visit include Balestrand, for its panoramic vistas and stunning orchards; Bergen is known as the ‘Gateway to the Fjords’ and with brightly coloured houses lining the cobbled streets, it’s no surprise that this picturesque area attracts repeat visits from many and Loen, a village located in the heart of the western fjords and surrounded my majestical forests, with exceptional views of glaciers.


For those who intend to marvel at the delightful destination, a Fjords cruise may prove to be the ideal way to enjoy the area. Many major tour operators offer a Fjords cruise as a package deal, with stop off points throughout Europe. With the grandeur of a cruise liner and the splendour of the scenery, this is a perfect opportunity for travellers to relax in one of the most breathtaking destinations on the planet.

For contrasting options, Norway is home to several lively cities and this allows travellers to enjoy diversity in their cultural experiences. Areas such as Stavanger are exciting cities that encourage visitors to immerse themselves in local culture, cuisine and entertainment. This makes for a widely varied and hugely memorable trip.

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