Forgot Valentine's Day? It's Thyme To Say I Love You

Did you leave your Valentine feeling underwhelmed on Valentine’s Day? This article will help you make up for it! There’s something much more appealing and thoughtful about a handmade gift than one bought from the shops, it shows you spent time on it and care enough to personalise your gesture, even though it may be a little late!

If you’re not sure what you could whip up yourself in your own backyard, take a look at these ideas for inspiration:

A Whittled Ornament

Ever whittled? No, we don’t mean worried, we mean literally whittled down some wood with a knife to make something (anything). If you haven’t tried it before, we thoroughly recommend it. There’s something about perching on a stool, scraping away at a piece of wood outside that is so natural and instinctive, it almost makes you want to catch your own dinner and live in the wilderness!

No need to become the next Bear Grylls just yet though, just buy a whittling knife (or use a pen knife), take a chunk of wood from your garden and start whittling it into shape.

Whittle a heart, you can’t go wrong with that, especially if you are sure to include a relevant pun in your card (a whittle heart from me to you or similar).

A Drilled Ornament

If you don’t fancy whittling, you could also use a coring drill bit to make an easy candle holder. Just take a level chunk of wood (with bark for additional aesthetic appeal) and core out enough to place a candle inside – walah, outdoor chic candle holder.

You could also use an old tin can (clean and with any sharp edges sanded down) which has been filled with water and frozen, clamp it and drill out a heart shape in dots, or both of your initials. Let the ice thaw, dry it and then paint it or leave it as it is, giving it to the other person with a candle inside.


If you have any attractive shrubs or flowers in your garden, why go to the shop to buy some when you can make up your own bouquet? You could always buy some feature flowers to jazz it up a bit.

Just be creative, if you end up with a hideous mess that looks like dragged it out of the garden waste bin and tied a ribbon round it, just bin it, laugh about it and buy a bouquet, at least you tried!

Potted Plants

You can either buy a lovely pot and pot a plant from your garden. Herbs are always nice, or small rose bushes. A succulents garden is particularly on trend at the moment, especially if you pot it in something odd like a shelled out radio.

Alternatively, you could buy a plant to place in something nice you have like an old pair of wellies, a window box you painted, or even a pair of steps with pots glued on (these are all real ideas, just check Pinterest!).

A Veggie & Fruit Hamper

If you have fruits and veggies from your garden, make a little hamper. You could even make up a box of ‘winter soup’ mix with carrots, potatoes and onions, plus herbs and team it with a bottle of wine for you both to enjoy while you make it together.

Be creative

It doesn’t really matter what you present to your loved one, if they love you they will appreciate the thought involved, so be creative and look on Pinterest or other photo sharing sites, you’ll be surprised at what you can make with what is in your garden!

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