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Conservatories, garden rooms, pergolas, summer houses, there are more choices available when it comes to outdoor seating areas for the home than ever before. They all have their pros and cons as well.

The likes of conservatories are permanent additions to the home but also costly. Your pergolas are great in the summer but having no sides makes them pretty chilly the rest of the year.

So how about something that you can assemble yourself, allows you to enjoy your garden all year round and is environmentally friendly? Step forward the Garden Igloo.

Garden Igloos

The Garden Igloo is this years must have garden accessory and it is easy to see why. To start with, it’s incredibly versatile and has a multitude of uses. The design is described as a geodesic dome, think the Eden Project on a much smaller scale. The natural light floods in through the recycled plastic panels used to create the dome and if it gets too hot in the summer you can buy a cover which provides welcome shade on a summer’s day.

You can assemble your Garden Igloo yourself but why not get a few friends around and get the job done in half the time? A step by step guide for self-assembly is included and once you are on your way you will thoroughly enjoy fitting all the pieces into place and watching your igloo grow.

The fact it is classed as a temporary structure means you need no planning permission and every piece of it is made from eco-friendly materials. This also means it is rust and rot free and very low maintenance with the cover being the only piece that will actually need cleaning occasionally.

Geodesic Design

The geodesic design means that the least amount of material is used for the greatest volume of cover. Also for its weight it is very strong and due to the span of the surface the structure is extremely stable. It is perfect for anywhere in the garden that has a flat surface, such as a patio, decking etc, and if you want to move then simply lift and move it to its new preferred location.

The sunlight is delivered at exactly the right angle through all four seasons thanks to the dome shape and the positioning of the panels. This aspect makes it ideal for growing plants if you don’t want to splash out on a greenhouse. The ventilation and air flow system is also spot on and the latter is maintained even during the warmest periods of still weather.

The heat within is also evenly distributed at all points and the adjustable ‘windows’ across the point of entry can also be used for extra ventilation.

In inclement weather conditions the geodesic design also comes into play as it’s resistant to even the strongest winds. Even when the igloo is surrounded by snow whatever is inside will be warm and cosy and impervious to what is going on outside.

Overall the Garden Igloo could just be the most ideal outdoor building thus far invented. While it’s not exactly cheap it is a fraction of the cost of a permanent structure and as you have to leave a conservatory etc. behind when you move you simply pack up your Garden Igloo and take it with you.

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