Gift Ideas: 8 Top Travel Gifts

Whether you are buying a gift to take home to loved ones or purchasing a present for someone who is full of wanderlust, there are a variety of travel gifts available that are guaranteed to impress.

1. The Oru Bay Foldable Kayak

An innovative gift for active travellers who enjoy the water. The foldable kayak is available from Think Sport in the UK. The Kayak unfolds to become 12 feet of pure grace on the water and can then Fold down into a compact 12kg box to be taken anywhere. Not only that, it only takes 5 minutes to assemble. Ideal for use by beginners and experts alike.

2. The Beach Bag Plus

This amazing, versatile bag is so much more than your average beach bag. Not only is it roomy enough to carry all your essentials for a family day out, but it converts to a comfy sun lounger cover in minutes! It also doubles as a cool bag, has pockets for your essentials, hidden pockets for your valuables, and even acts as a waterproof wrap bag to bring home your wet sandy beach gear after a day of fun in the sun!

3. Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

These gloves are a fantastic addition to any cold climate loving traveller. The gloves are made from luxurious suede and allow the wearer to maintain hand and arm heat whilst using their electronic systems. Warmth whilst emailing/social mediaing can never be underestimated! Available at

4. Portable Roo Hammock

A lightweight and durable hammock that is readily transported to any destination and promises a relaxing and comfortable sleep. The company also donate funds to malaria fighting research and treatment with every purchase. From

5. The Cork Globe

A superb gift for any traveller who wants to mark their journeys to date or plan their future trips. The whole globe is made of cork and supplied with pins for tracking destinations with ease. It’s a stunning piece that acts as a superb centrepiece. Available from John Lewis.

6. The Shake Beach Bag

A must-have for any beach lover. The bag has the innovative design of enabling contents to remain sand free as the pesky grains are diverted to it’s base. This allows the user to shake free the mess and continue without the aggravation of covered appliances and clothes. Available from Amazon.

7. Crumpled Map

This Embraces the long-held tradition of the battered and bruised map and is designed to be used, crunched into a ball and stuffed in a pocket. The maps are fully functioning and very quirky. Guaranteed to make even the most frustrated of map-readers giggle. Available at Palomar.

8. Travel Guides

The ultimate gift for any traveller is a destination guide, either to evoke memories of journeys past or to encourage aspirations for future travel. Available widely and from countless authors, these guides can be as inexpensive or pricey as required. For an excellent starting point on ideas, Lonely Planet has a substantial range plus they often have an offer on.

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