6 Great Gardening Tools For Kids

With the school summer holidays around the corner, we have been thinking of ways to get children involved in the gardening! We’ve teamed up with The Gardening Boy to bring you a feature on 6 great gardening tools for kids!Every child loves to explore things.

They like to dig, eat, search and explore the garden. To do it safely and with better results, they will need gardening tools and here is a great list of gardening tools for kids. Keep your kids safe from danger and buy them some tools, who knows, maybe they will grow as a gardener!

1. Gardening Tools For Little Hands

These tools from CSC Products are great for little hands! Outlined below are reasons why these tools are great for kids.

  • Perfect for digging in the dirt next to mum and dad

  • A good way to introduce your kids to the simple joys of gardening

  • Easy to grip real tools made of sturdy wood and metal construction

  • Includes three hand tools: Hand Rake, Trowel, and Shovel

  • Ages 3 and up (adult supervision recommended)

They are real gardening tools for kids that are specifically designed to be lightweight, durable and child friendly

2. Little Pals Children Garden Wheelbarrrow

This wheelbarrow is perfect for active play and expanding skills! An easy and fun way to keep your kids busy and in your sight when doing work in the garden.

  • Designed for small hands

  • Spade is metal and has a sturdy wooden handle, just like yours

  • Soft hand grips and chunky plastic wheel

  • Great colours to appeal to children

  • Easy to self-assemble!

Your kids will love joining in the yard work fun with this rake! It’s child-sized but fully functional and made of metal with a sturdy wooden handle.

3. Melissa & Doug Mollie & Bollie Good Gripping Gloves

Young gardeners will love to “get a grip” on gardening jobs with these child size gloves! You will enjoy knowing that your child’s hands will remain clean and protected. Here are some more reasons why they are great:

  • Child-size gardening gloves

  • Washable cotton gloves

  • Protects against germs Patch friends add lots of appealing character!

4. Melissa & Doug Blossom Bright Watering Cant

Charming Sunny Patch characters will encourage children to cultivate the joy of gardening and encourage kids and families to explore their world together. This watering can can bring hours of fun!

Bring a spirit of playfulness to everyday activities

Water your garden in style

Colourful outdoor fun

Brightly coloured stripes and flowers

Charming Sunny Patch characters encourage children to cultivate the joy of gardening

This colourful, sturdy, child-size watering can will encourage your young gardener to tend the garden daily. Just add water and watch your child and garden blossom and grow!

5. Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Trowel

Gardening just got much happier with this sturdy metal trowel. Brilliant colors and an easy-clean handle, which is perfect for kids!

  • Child-size gardening tool

  • Sturdy metal scoop

  • Easy-to-grip plastic handle

  • Includes a handy loop for hanging

  • Sunny Patch characters add lots of appealing character

6. Twigz Kids Gardening Bucket

The shape and area of this bucket makes it easy for children to fill up and tip over when placed on the ground in the garden. Twigz is a company that focuses on children developing a love for gardening and the environment so they are made easy to use! Here are some other reasons it is a great tool for kids to use in the garden.

  • Strong steel construction with a riveted swivel handle

  • Suitable for Ages 3+

  • Twigz children’s gardening buckets are a strong steel construction with a riveted swivel handle

  • All Twigz gardening equipment is ergonomically designed for children to use in the garden and function the same way adult tools work

  • Twigz is a fun brand of gardening equipment that children and parents can be confident to use in the garden over and over again.