Halloween Ideas – Turn Your House Into A Spook Fest

As the Autumn nights draw in and we all start to feel a little bit cooler one event is on our minds; Halloween! A favourite celebration around the world, Halloween is a time for not only dressing up and hitting the streets in search of some sweets but it is also a chance to get crafty and decorate your home too.

There is something truly fun about creating Halloween decorations; perhaps because they allow your imagination to go that little bit wild and best of all, in the most part they are really easy to make.

If you are stuck for inspiration and want to create decorations that will be the envy of your friends then why not take a look at our favourite crafty projects? Here are some great Halloween ideas.

Glowing eyes

One of the easiest crafty projects that we have found involves nothing more than some glowsticks and a toilet roll inner

Using these two basic items you can create a fun glowing eye effect that the kids will love. All you need to do is draw an eye design onto the (stripped down) toilet roll holder before cutting them out.

Simply slip a couple of glow sticks into the roll and turn out the lights. Hey presto; spooky eyes!

Stringy spider webs

We don’t know about you, but the spiderweb decorations that you can buy from shops often leave little clumps of cotton wool like material all around your house and worst of all they cannot be used again.

Why not create your own large spiderweb design on a wall or door using string instead. It looks great, especially when you place a variety of spiders on the web and if you carefully take it off the wall you can use for many other years to come.

Glass jar decorations

Glass jars; something that many of us accumulate over the course of the year, but perhaps never know what to do with. Recycling is of course the first option, but you could also keep them and use them to create really great Halloween decorations.

The variety of different glass jar lights that you can create is endless. Frankenstein, ghosts, mummies and pumpkins are all possible. All you need to do is paint the outside of the of the jar with paint (acrylic works well). The colour of the paint that you use will depend on the design that you want to make.

You can then draw onto paint to create faces, or even writing that you want to display. Then pop a candle or light inside, replace the lid and you have a really great decoration.

Mesh ghosts

Another really simple idea involves standard garden wire mesh; all you need to do is shape the mesh into ghostly shapes and spray or paint them with glow in the dark paint. Once they are dry you can pop them outside in the garden (the darkest corners work really well for this) creating a simple yet spooky effect.

These are just some ideas that you can put in place to make your Halloween at home the spookiest yet! Why not get creative and see what you can make?

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