Halloween: Make Your Garden Terrifying

Halloween is fast approaching and many of us will be planning super scary parties full of pumpkins, Halloween themed cocktails and plenty of deliciously terrifying treats.

What’s fantastic about your garden is the fact it is the ideal place to decorate for a Halloween party. There’s lots of space, it’s perfect for spooky lighting and hidden corners, and there’s plenty of natural props and inspiration for you to decorate.

Here are some great halloween garden ideas for making your garden truly terrifying:

Dead bodies

For murder scene chic, consider making some faux dead bodies to plant around the garden. These are huge props that are extremely cheap, quick and easy to make and they really add to the scary theme of a Halloween party.

Simply take two bin bags, filling both with newspaper or old clothes depending on how weighted you want the bodies to be. One half will be the legs and feet, so try to twist newspaper up in two long leg and foot shapes using sellotape, then wrap the bin bag around them tightly.

The top is going to be the torso and head, so create a triangle type shape with newspaper, and then a football shape for the head. Use parcel tape to wrap the bin bags together and then wrap the tape around the ‘ankles’, ‘waist’ and ‘neck’ of the body. Position sitting up in a corner of the garden for the best effect.

Tree ghosts

Ghosts hanging from the trees will look great, especially if it is windy. Use nets or tissue paper to create easy ghosts by blowing up a balloon and putting the material over the balloon, securing it tightly underneath.

The material hanging down should be ripped and shredded and as long as possible. Draw a face on the ghost for more of a ghoulish effect, opting for different ‘characters’ to make more of a feature of them. Then simply tie string around the ‘neck’ and hang from the trees.

Spooky Lighting

If you have garden lights you can make them glow green or red using simple filter plastic sheets designed to be used with lighting (so they don’t melt). This will transform the look of your entire garden quickly.


If you have a large lawn or an area in your garden that is clear from plants, consider making your own graveyard. Use old painted swim floats, chunks of wood, crosses (two pieces of wood nailed together) or anything else you can find that resembles a grave.

Place them across the area like graves and consider writing funny things on the gravestone, perhaps even related to your guests if they share your sense of humour.


Candles are inherently eerie and give off a spooky light. Use this to your advantage and scatter candle holders all over the garden and they will flicker naturally in the wind, creating a super easy, spooky lighting effect.

Caution Tape

Yellow and black caution tape that says ‘do not enter’ or ‘caution’ is a cheap way to decorate your garden for halloween.Tape it up across the home and garden at different heights and consider using it in combination with your ‘dead bodies’ for that crime scene effect.

Chalk bodies

Another easy and cheap halloween decoration is chalk bodies which you can draw on your patio or in any area of your garden where there is stone on the ground.

You can have great fun creating these lying down in funny positions and getting people to draw around you. This effect can be recreated indoors on wooden floors using masking tape.

Remember, you don’t need a big budget to create an amazing Halloween garden party. Be creative and look for plenty of ideas and tips online and from friends, most importantly remember to have fun, it’s going to look great!

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